Minnesota neighbors get into war over pile of leaves

UnbeLEAFable! Hilarious moment two neighbors get into extremely petty war over pile of leaves in Minnesota

  • Neighbors in Inner Grove Heights got into an altercation on November 19
  • Video shows one man known as Larry dumping an entire garbage can full of leaves over his neighbor’s lawn 
  • The neighbor then retaliates by enlisting the help of two friends armed with leaf blowers to blast Larry’s garden 

Hilarious footage has captured the moment two neighbors in Minnesota neighbors get into a petty war over piles of leaves.

The bizarre altercation saw the men whip out leaf blowers to try and blow the detritus back and forth into each other’s gardens.

Video captured the incident unfolding on November 19 at two homes in Inner Grove Heights. 

The clip begins with one man, known as Larry, dumping a garbage can filled with leaves over his neighbor’s fence onto an already massive pile of leaves.

The video then cuts to his neighbor attempting to disperse the leaves back onto the property using a leaf blower – with the help of two other people.

Hilarious video caught two Minnesota neighbors becoming embroiled in a bitter battle over leaf piles in their gardens

The altercation took place in Inner Grove Heights on November 19 with footage showing how one neighbor known as Larry dumped a whole bin full of leaves over his neighbor’s lawn

He begins firing at the leaves, sending them swirling into the air and back over his neighbor’s fence who is powerless to stop them raining down.

Larry eventually stomps off as the neighbor and his two friends continue to blast the leaves onto his garden.

At one point the neighbor with the leaf blower begins kicking the pile, scattering yet more over the fence. 

Later his friends are seen scooping up huge handfuls which are then whirled over the boundary. 

The footage then jumps again to show Larry peeking over his fence and feebly attempting to stop the torrent of leaves with a much smaller leaf blower.

The video was shared by Joshthepetty with Viral Hog.

He said: ‘Don’t be a Larry! Larry threw leaves over my fence and I decided to call some friends and send them back.’

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