Mischievous toddler, 3, gets stuck in a claw machine

Lollipops playcentre, Moreton Bay: Mischievous three-year-old toddler gets stuck in a claw machine trying to get his hands on a Minion toy

  • Toddler gets stuck in toy machine
  • He was chasing a Minion toy 

A little boy’s family got a surprise when he snuck his way into a claw machine full of stuffed toys. 

Imran Hussein was with his parents at a Lollipops playcentre in Strathpine, north of Brisbane, last Thursday when a Minion soft toy caught his eye. 

The mischievous three-year-old, from Moreton Bay in Queensland, was unfazed that the prize toy was out of reach behind a transparent case. 

Determined to make the toy his own, Imran managed to evade his parents and climb inside a flap at the bottom of the machine.

Three-year-old Imran Hussein climbed inside a claw machine full of stuffed toys after a yellow Minion caught his eye 

Another parent spotted the boy inside the machine and raised the alarm.

His mother, Iferana Hussein, said she had gone to the café to order some snacks when the cheeky toddler made his escape.

‘My husband was at the table watching him but when I came back he had disappeared,’ Hussein told 9News.

‘We were looking for him everywhere.’

Ms Hussein said she then spotted her son’s head poking out over the top of the plush toys.

‘He got in there and then he had the Minion and was trying to get out,’ she said.

‘He was having fun.’

The toddler’s parents rushed to get him out of the machine after another customer raised the alarm

Lollipops play centre in Strathpine, about 50 minutes drive north of Brisbane CBD

Ms Hussein said the little boy was trapped inside the machine for about five minutes.

She said she was grateful for the helpful staff at the playcentre.  

‘The staff were so great and it was lucky they had the key to get in,’ she said.

Staff at Lollipops staff gifted Imran the Minion toy for his impressive efforts.

‘We did ask at the Lollipops if we could buy the Minion and said we’d be happy to pay, but they let him take it home and didn’t charge us anything,’ Ms Hussein said.

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