Moment proud XL Bully owner confronts busybody cyclist about her pet

Moment proud owner of XL Bully wearing a bright green top with ‘Friendly’ on it confronts busybody cyclist who says her pet is a dangerous dog – and gets him to BACK DOWN

This is the moment the owner of a Bully XL confronted a busybody biker who called her loyal pup ‘dangerous’ – before then backpedalling and saying he was ‘wrong’. 

Amanda Holloway was walking her beloved 12-month-old pet Hulk – who was wearing a bright green jacket with ‘friendly’ on it – when she encountered the male cyclist. 

Mrs Holloway – whose animal’s breed is soon set to be outlawed under the Dangerous Dogs Act after a series fatal attacks – captured the altercation on camera as she strolled in Bushy Park, Richmond, London. 

Posting the video on Facebook, the mother-of-three wrote: ‘So this is the beginning of my walk with the altercation with the biker as you can see he is not bothered by people or dogs he just want to go on his walk with his muma and his ball.’

The clip shows Hulk sitting on the path waiting for his ball to be thrown, as other other people and pets walk past him. Seconds later, a cyclist is heard saying: ‘That [dog] should have a muzzle on it.’

Amanda Holloway was walking her beloved 12-month-old pet Hulk – who was wearing a bright green jacket with ‘friendly’ on it – when she encountered the male cyclist

The male cyclist demanded to know where her 12-month-old pup was not muzzled 

‘No he shouldn’t actually,’ says proud Bully XL owner Mrs Holloway, who is a stay-at-home mother. 

‘It’s the “powerful dogs act”, why shouldn’t it? ‘ retorts the cyclist, in reference to the Dangerous Dogs Act, which from December 31 will make it illegal to have an American Bully XL in public without a lead or muzzle. 

‘Because he is absolutely friendly and the law isn’t until December 31, so educate yourself,’ Mrs Holland replies. Speaking of the muzzle, she continues: ‘Why does he need one? He hasn’t attacked anyone in all his life.’

‘Yeah but it’s the powerful dogs act,’ the cyclist replies.

‘And I have complete control over him, absolute control. It’s the owner not the dog. So unless you own one, keep your opinions to yourself.’ she adds, as she turns back to her Hulk, who is waiting patiently by the park gate. 

Telling her pup to ‘sit’, she gloats: ‘Oh look, a “dangerous dog” sitting and waiting for the gate to be opened. So dangerous, isn’t he?’

The cyclist then appears to backpedal, and concedes: ‘You’re right. I’m saying you’re a good owner.’

Mrs Holloway says: ‘You’re saying I’m a good owner but then you told me I should muzzle him? Is he dangerous? Has he done anything?’

In the video, Hulk only appears to be interested in the ball carried by its owner 

‘No he’s not dangerous, no. But what I mean is he is a powerful dog,’ the man replies.

The woman then replies: ‘He is a powerful dog – there’s a lot of powerful dogs out there. And it’s the owners who have control over the dog. So maybe not mention anything when you see people.’

‘All right, sorry,’ the cyclist is heard saying as the woman walks away with her pet.’

The footage comes just weeks before tightened laws about Bully XL dogs will come into force. 

From December 31, it will be against the law to sell, abandon, breed from or give away an American bully XL, or have one in public without a lead or muzzle. 

It will be illegal to own a bully XL in England and Wales from February 1.

Owners of American Bully XLs can apply to register their dogs for an exemption before the breed is banned, though. 

Dogs on the exempt list will also have to be neutered and microchipped. Those more than a year old on January 31 must be neutered by June 30, while those under 12 months old must be neutered by December 31, 2024.

The shift in the law follows a spate of fatal maulings across the UK linked to Bully XL-type dogs over the past couple of years. 

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