Neighbour is set on fire by pet-owner over dog poo dispute

Neighbour is set on fire by dog-owner after year-long dispute about his pet going to the toilet outside his house

  • Alves accused dos Santos of letting his dog foul outside his home in Brazil
  • dos Santos apparently resented the accusation and set fire to his neighbour

This is the horrifying moment a man was set ablaze in a bizarre row sparked by dog poo.

Fernando dos Santos, 70, had fallen out with neighbour Paulo Roberto Alves, 61, after Alves accused Dos Santos of letting his dog foul outside his home in Belford Roxo, Brazil.

But even though the row had begun a year ago, dos Santos carried a grudge and vowed to get his revenge, reported local media.

Harrowing footage from December 6 shows the men arguing violently in the street before dos Santos suddenly throws a bucket of petrol over Alves and sets fire to it.

After becoming engulfed in flames, the victim was rushed to Adao Pereira Nunes hospital where he is said to be in serious condition with burns to 95% of his body. 

Fernando dos Santos confessed to dousing Alves with gas (pictured) and setting him alight

Prior to the attack, the assailant was in a bakery nearby, when he saw Alves passing, O Dia reported.

It was not clear why he had a bucket of gasoline with him.

But investigators said the suspect had been ‘monitoring’ the victim, learning his routine and schedules.

He then confronted Alves in the street, getting involving in a furious row before pouring the gasoline on his neighbour and setting it alight.

In the video, Alves is seen to disappear in a wall of flames burning 10 feet into the air as dos Santos runs off to the pavement, with a dog that may have been the one suspected of fouling the pavement.

The dog was seen in earlier footage hiding behind a bin before running away in terror as the fire starts.

dos Santos was later seized by police and is expected to face attempted murder charges.

He later confessed to the attack to police and told them of the year-long row with his neighbour.

He admitted to buying the petrol earlier in the day and then following Alves before setting him on fire, local media reported.

The investigation is ongoing.

dos Santos will undergo a custody hearing this afternoon.

On December 7, Italian media reported an extraordinary story of an 85-year-old man who bludgeoned his 79-year-old wife with a hammer to the head before setting himself on fire in a public garden.

Luciano Ruger had just finished having lunch at his home in Via Celotti, near Monza, when he grabbed the tool and hit his wife.

It was not clear what had provoked the reaction. He then proceeded to set her body on fire, thinking he had killed her.

Alves was engulfed in flames, suffering burns to 95 per cent of his body

Undated photo shows Fernando dos Santos (left) who set Paulo Roberto to the fire in Castelo Branco, Portugal, on Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The man then left the house and entered a small garden out front, dousing himself with petrol and setting himself ablaze.

An employee of a local factory called the emergency services who were able to save the woman, finding her stunned and injured, according to LaStampa.

Both were taken to different hospitals in Milan and Monza.

The 85-year-old died around 6pm at the Niguarda burns centre.

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