Outlandish past winners of Shed of the Year

That’s not a shed, THIS is a shed! After this year’s Shed of the Year contest descended into acrimony – how it has been won by everything from a hobbit hole, a replica of Blackpool Tower and even a mini-distillery

  • In 2015, a shed that had been turned into a mini distillery was crowned winner
  • In 2016, victor was a an eccentric eco shed that boasted secret bookcase

For most people, their garden shed is a basic four-sided wooden outhouse where they keep their lawnmower and maybe the kids’ bicycles. 

But for those who enter the prestigious Shed of the Year competition, they go above and beyond to give a new meaning to the word. 

It meant that there was upset among some of those who entered this year’s competition when artist Archie Proudfoot’s basic but colourful workspace was crowned the winner. 

Alex Dodman spent £2,000 building a Apls-style ski chalet – complete with outdoor swimming pool in his garden in Essex and complained the ‘the winning shed was just a shed’ that looked ‘underwhelming’ from the outside. 

Mr Dodman may feel that his point is backed up by the fact that, in previous years, far more outlandish have been praised or even been crowned the top shed.

In 2015, a shed that had been turned into a mini distillery and featured an adjoining shop was crowned the winner.

The following year, the victor was a an eccentric eco shed that boasted an electricity supply and a secret bookcase concealing a hidden door.

The winner in 2017 was an ornate two-floor structure which boasted a stained-glass window and triumphed over even more outlandish entries, one of which was a re-creation of a Boeing jet that doubled up as a flight simulator. 

In 2018, a shed-turned-pub that featured a 25ft-tall re-creation of Blackpool Tower won top spot, a year before a fully converted hobbit hole was crowned.

In 2019, the winner was a Lord of the Rings-style hobbit hideaway, built by Chris Hield, from Buxton. 

In 2020’s competition – the first to take place after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic – a shed built around a tree trunk got top spot.

Other entries had included a re-creation of a Planet Hollywood Bar and a shed that had been built on rails.

In 2021, the victor was a more traditional shed, but triumphed over the likes of a yoga cabin and yet another pub entry. 

Last year entries had included a replica of Doctor Who’s Tardis, although the winner was a baker’s upcycled workshop that was renovated for just £200. 

The winner of the prestigious Shed of the Year competition has slammed sour grapes from rivals who criticised his ‘basic’ budget DIY shed – and told them to ‘dry your eyes’. Above: Archie Proudfoot outside his shed


Winner: Mini distillery

Walter Micklethwait, from the Highlands, Scotland, triumphed in 2016 with what had started out as a dilapidated hen house and was turned into a mini distillery, complete with its own shop

The distillery was crowned Shed of the Year in a competition organised by Cuprinol, beating 2,520 entries to win


Winner: Eccentric eco-shed with secret room

In 2016, the Shed of the Year winner was an eccentric eco structure made from 90 per cent recycled materials by Kevin Herbert, from Berkshire. It boasted a secret bookcase

The structure was named The West Wing. Above: Mr Herbert outside with his wife Martine


Winner: The Mushroom House

The winner in 2017 was a shed named The Mushroom House. It was built by Ben Swansborough over two levels and boasted a stained glass window 

Other outlandish entries

Shed that doubles up as flight simulator 

A smiling Captain Mark Owen from Bedfordshire (pictured) sits in the ‘cockpit’ of his beloved shed, which doubles as an authentic flight simulator

Pictured is the entrance to Captain Owen’s flight simulator, called the Garage Simulator. The exterior has been mocked up to look like a Boeing plane

Back to the Future themed cinema 

Anderson Jones, from Stoke-on-Trent, built this incredible Back to the Future themed cinema in his garden


Winner: Blackpool Tower replica

In 2018, a luxury wooden shed featuring a 25ft-tall Blackpool Tower replica and a swimming pool landed top prize

Proud shed owner Doug Smith spent four years perfecting the premises, which measures 24 feet by 24 feet and can fit in up to 34 people


Winner: Lord of the Rings-style hobbit hideaway 

In 2019, the winning entry was a Lord of the Rings-style hobbit hideaway, built by Chris Hield, from Buxton

Mr Hield’s magnificent shed, which is built into a hillside, secured the most public votes in the Nature’s Haven category


Winner: Bedouin tent  

The Bedouin Tree-Shed, the winner in 2020, was an eight-year labour of love for expedition organiser Daniel Holloway 

When the nation went into lockdown it soon became a sanctuary for him and his family 

Daniel said being in harmony with nature is incredibly important for them as a family


Winner: 1970s-inspierd cocktail bar 

Creme de Menthe, a mint green entry by Danielle Zarb-Cousin, beat more than 300 entries to take the top prize in the Cuprinol Shed of the Year 2021 after a public vote

Ms Zarb-Cousin transformed a rundown old brown shed into a retro bar complete with seating and orange interior

Other outlandish entries:

Geraint Nicholas, from Essex built a yoga cabin for his wife in the garden, which he entered in the 2021 Cuprinol Shed of the Year competition

Mr Nicholas said his yoga shed doubles as a lockdown cinema room, offering full spectrum smart lighting and disco mode, opening it up for future parties


Winner: Baker’s upcycled workshop

Kelly Haworth, a baker from Bury, saw her budget-friendly and waste-saving oasis, called The Potting Shed, named Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year 2022 

The mother of four, 41, transformed her basic allotment plot into a beautiful hideaway to grow fresh plants and ingredients for cooking and baking 

Other outlandish entries

Doctor Who-style Tardis 

Sue James spent less than £100 building an incredible replica of Doctor Who’s Tardis, which she now uses as a garden tool shed

‘Winchester Tavern’ pub 

Andrew Tittensor built an incredibly cosy pub, dubbed The Winchester Tavern, inside his back garden shed in Staffordshire

The Winchester Tavern comes complete with beer on tap and a fully stocked bar – with mini cheddars and Bacon Fries crisps available 


A ‘sheddie’ named Gerry built this stunning shed-turned-bar at the back of his home in Angus. His submission reads: ‘It’s my happy place, built during lockdown it’s the boost we need to enjoy life more with plenty of friends joining us throughout the year, or even to go and chill to watch the ice hockey or TV in my zen area.’

Gerry’s G&Ts cabin is entered in the Summerhouse category of the Shed of the Year awards 

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