Passengers demand child-free flights after kid's 'most annoying outfit ever' with flashing lights 'keeps everyone awake' | The Sun

PLANE passengers were left fuming after a child's "selfish" parents allowed her to wear what might be the most annoying outfit ever.

A viral video shows the youngster kitted out in a glow-in-the-dark strobe outfit onboard an overnight flight, which heightened calls for child-free planes.

The hilarious footage, posted by the hugely popular Instagram account Sarcasm Only, exposed the wild situation of a packed plane forced to endure a flashing light show.

The short clip, which has garnered over 8.4million views, is captioned "Imagine being on this flight" and "I'd be ill".

The young girl, who appears to be under 10, looks amused as she plays with her movable bunny ears totally unaware of the bright issue she is causing.

Other passengers seem to be far less impressed as they either stare at her or attempt to sleep with their heads facing away from the lights.

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And all the while the child's father simply watches on appearing to find the headache-inducing outfit funny.

One user responded: "Sick of ppl who don't control their children in public space."

Another joked: "Where's a Karen when you need one?"

"It’s selfish, and in very poor taste. Shame on those parents," said a third.

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A fourth chimed in: "I vote for adult only flight. I would pay extra for adult only flights."

Plenty of others users were concerned for any passengers with medical conditions like epilepsy, who might have suffered a seizure.

It comes as a parent who knows just how hard it can be to travel on kids has shared her ultimate hack to make the process easier for everyone involved.

And she even claims it even stops your kids from kicking the seat in front. 

Meanwhile, kid-free flights are being offered for the first time by a European airline – but it comes at a price.

Corendon is the first European airline to provide the luxury opportunity for travellers to wave goodbye to those painful in-flight experiences and travel in child-free bliss.

Holidaymakers will be able to enjoy peace and comfort from behind a solid partition of walls and curtains, separating them from the rest of the cabin.

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