TikToker who threw herself to A&E floor screaming is serial prankster


Revealed: TikToker who threw herself to the floor screaming to ‘get seen in UK A&E’ is a serial prankster who films herself ‘stealing’ from other people’s shopping trolleys and calling confused strangers her ‘husband’ in viral stunts for her channel

  • Londoner Farah Shams, 23, shocks people by shouting in public places

A TikToker who threw herself to the floor screaming to be seen in a ‘UK A&E ward’ is a serial prankster who films herself pretending to steal from people’s supermarket trolleys and calling strangers her ‘husband’ in viral stunts. 

Londoner Farah Shams, 23, pretended to collapse in an ‘understaffed’ A&E ward while shouting ‘I’m dying’ in an ‘unfunny’ prank to more than 500,000 social media followers. 

She then walked to the middle of the alleged waiting area and yelled ‘Help’ before dropping to the floor and moaning, ‘Why is nobody helping me?’

But the A&E prank is one of many on her TikTok channel – with the self-proclaimed comedian sharing endless stunts – including screaming in public about shops not stocking her A cup sized bras and about wanting to be famous. 

One popular joke she plays is to film herself beside random men while saying ‘hi mum, this is my husband’. Endless clips show men looking extremely confused as she pretends to be their wife on camera. 

The TikTok prankster stood up in the middle of the waiting room and started grunting loudly

Farah films herself introducing random men as her ‘husband’ and gets puzzled responses

Some of the pretend husbands humour her and go along with the joke 

Not everyone is amused by her pranks as some look at her in utter confusion

TikToker Farah Shams  is a serial prankster who films herself doing pranks for her channel 

Some find the funny side and play along, waving at the camera, but many look utterly baffled, shaking their heads or trying to get out of view.

Farah also videos herself walking around supermarkets taking items out of other shoppers’ trolleys before thanking them. 

Stunned customers look at her in bewilderment, but appear too shocked to say much.

One clip shows her asking an innocent man in a supermarket to help her out by carrying some apples while she pretends to steal them, placing them in her handbag.

‘Don’t say anything, right?’ she jokes.

Another stunt shows Farah start screaming ‘why have they not got my size’ while holding up a bra in a packed store. 

Farah tells a man to hold some apples for her while she pretends to stuff them in her handbag

Here she has just taken some bananas out of a shopper’s basket 

Farah also videos herself walking around supermarkets taking items out of other shoppers’ trolleys before thanking them

One customer appears to find Farah funny as she helps herself to items from her basket

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In one video Farah shared on her TikTok, she stands amid crowds waiting outside a cinema and shouts ‘I want to be famous’.

Witnesses turn around with somewhat puzzled looks on their faces as she screams ‘please make me famous guys’. 

And in another video she films herself jokingly stuffing a pack of salmon, a tub of butter and a box of cereal inside her coat at a supermarket, before blaming the cost of living crisis in the caption. 

Farah has 481.6k followers and 32.2 million likes on her TikTok channel.

The TikToker has 481.6k followers on her account and 32.2 million likes 

In the video, entitled ‘How to get seen in UK A&E’, which was shot by a friend, Ms Shams stands up and begins to grunt loudly, before shouting, ‘Oh my God, I’m dying’.

She then walks to the middle of what’s claimed to be a packed NHS waiting area and yells ‘Help’ as she drops to lie on the floor for a couple of seconds before getting up and moaning, ‘Why is nobody helping me?’

The clip has had more than 4million TikTok views, but its comment section is filled with users slamming the controversial TikToker.

One person said: ‘What a display of stupidity, do you think they’re ignoring you? They’re under funded and under staffed, show some respect.’

Another wrote: ‘Hospital staff got enough to deal with.’

A third added: ‘This is a really selfish thing to do. people are sitting in there for hours… feeling awful and you’re not making it any better.’

Farah claims she decided to pull the dramatic stunt on October 27 because she had waited for ten hours  in the waiting room.

She hit back at those slamming her online, explaining: ‘Wait for seven hours? And be discharged and not told… to then wait a further three hours when no one had any intentions of telling me I was discharged?’ 

MailOnline earlier contacted Farah Shams and NHS England for comment over the A&E stunt. 

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