Trans teacher prepares to return to class at a NEW school

Trans teacher, Kayla Lemieux , with Z-cup breasts claims they are real and due to a ‘hormone sensitivity to estrogen’

  • Trans teacher Kayla Lemieux claims breast size is caused by ‘gigantomastia’
  • She has landed a new job at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • A number of policy changes will be made to accommodate her safety  

A transgender teacher returning to class at a new school has previously claimed her Z-cup breasts are real due to a ‘hormone sensitivity to estrogen’.  

Kayla Lemieux has landed a new job at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Ontario after being removed from her previous teaching role. 

Despite being photographed without her breasts when not in the classroom, Lemieux insists her breasts are natural – a result of a condition called ‘gigantomastia.’ 

‘The diagnosis is based on verbal discussions I have had with my doctor,’ Lemieux told the Toronto Sun in February.

Parents at her new school have been warned the high school could soon be subjected to ‘protests’ and ‘disruptions’ over her hiring. 

‘Why are you allowing this creep to teach our children. Kayla Lemieux. You should be ashamed,’ an Ontario parent wrote. 

Trans teacher Kayla Lemieux claims Z-cup breasts are caused by ‘gigantomastia’

But the Canadian educator is believed to have been spotted twice without her gigantic breasts

Rebel News reporter David Menzies was adamant to get answers from a person believed to be Lemieux 

She has landed a new job at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School

Lemieux’s new role comes after her tenure was cut short at nearby Oakville Trafalgar High after a firestorm erupted over images of her in tight-fitting tops, which accentuated her large breasts.  

Unable to present a note or letter of the doctor’s findings backing up her claims, Lemieux said it’s offensive to be queried about it. 

‘I don’t think women, in general, have formal diagnosis of their breast size. I also personally consider breast size irrelevant. 

‘I decided to break my silence and put my name next to my statements, and now I am being asked to provide proof. I really don’t know how to help you with that.’

A neighbor revealed in February that Lemieux was often seen dressed as a man as pictures emerging of a person, believed to be her, surfaced – calling into question whether the attire was a façade. 

The images, believed to be of Lemieux, showed a man without a wig, makeup or the gigantic breasts. 

She said the person photographed was ‘not me’. 

‘I consider myself to be a private citizen,’ said Lemieux. ‘I never felt I was obligated to reveal personal details about myself based on special interest from media. And I never wanted any attention.’ 

But she’s been thrust under the spotlight once again after being hired by Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School, after her suspension from her previous school. 

Her previous school also threatened suspensions of students who took pictures of the educator without permission.  

Students shared videos of Lemieux in other schools while she recovered from a foot injury, showing her walking with crutches

The district warned that students are not allowed to take pictures of anyone in school unless they get their permission

 Lemieux is seen pictured in summer 2022

Lemieux previously worked at nearby Oakville Trafalgar High – which is governed by the same school board – but saw her tenure cut short after photos of her buxom prosthetics surfaced earlier this year

Principal Tom Fisher outlined that Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board school has ‘an obligation to uphold individual rights and treat everyone with dignity and respect’. 

He said the school will dramatically overhaul their policies to accommodate the hiring of Lemieux, which has been defended in a memo sent to parents. 

New strategies will include ‘having students enter and exit the building using assigned doors at entry and dismissal’ and ‘locking exterior doors during school hours, only using the front main doors during school hours’. 

All students and visitors will also be made to use an intercom system to enter and exit the building while parents have been asked ‘to email or call before coming to the school if they wish to visit to speak to an employee.’ 

 He said he’s committed to communicating to parents as openly and as frequently as possible to ensure student safety – and to share any operational plans should the school be subject to any ‘disruptions or protests,’ the Toronto Sun reported. has reached out to the district for details on the policies.  

Outrage is brewing on social media, with people taking to X to share their frustration. 

‘How is this remotely acceptable to students, parents??’ someone else questioned.  

‘This is just ridiculous- if “Kayla ” doesn’t wear the boobs all the time – WHY must they be worn at school if NOT for attention – This is sad for the kids – Why does the school allow this circus & at the kids’ expense?!’ another vented. 

‘Uh-oh…he’s back!’ a fourth said. 

Lemieux claims to be intersex – meaning the teacher was born with both male and female sex organs.

But her account was called into question when pictures emerged appearing to show her dressed as a man – without the large prosthetics and blonde wig.

Lemieux has made headlines multiple times and began transitioning from male to female in 2021

Students were even threatened with suspension if they were caught taking pictures or videos of her

The images were the reason for the eventual suspension, the Toronto Sun reported at the time.

Until then she had the full backing of her school board who said the issue was a ‘personnel matter’, and students were even threatened with suspension if they were caught taking pictures or videos of her.

At a board meeting the day after she was put on leave in March, Lemieux was not mentioned by name as parents, teachers and board members voted on the school’s ‘professionalism’ policies.

At several times, HDSB chair Margo Shuttleworth – who previously defended Lemieux as an ‘extremely effective teacher’ – had to quieten noise and applause from parents, asking them to keep their ‘comments inside their head.’

One delegate, named Lynn, poured cold water on the board’s previous suggestion that telling Lemieux how to dress would be illegal.

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