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LYNDA SPENCE was brutally murdered in 2011 when she was just 27 years old.

Her death, which came after a horrific ordeal involving kidnapping and torture, shocked the nation when it hit the headlines over a decade ago.

Who was Lynda Spence?

Lynda Spence was a financial adviser from Glasgow, Scotland who was killed in 2011.

She was kidnapped off a street in May 2011 and was later reported missing by her parents when they became concerned that they hadn't heard from her.

Tragically for her family, Lynda's body has never been found.

Her death was the subject of Channel 5's April 2023 documentary, The Kidnap and Murder of Lynda Spence.


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What happened to Lynda Spence?

Lynda was kidnapped off the street by Colin Coats and Philip Wade.

The pair took Lynda to the attic of a home in Ayrshire and proceeded to torture her over a 13 day period.

It is thought that Coats believed Lynda had ripped him off in a land deal worth £85,000 and was supposedly questioning her over what she had done with his money.

Coats became a prime suspect but was not caught until August 2011 when a witness came forward with information.

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That October, police entered the Ayrshire property and found a spot of Lynda's blood on the bathroom floor.

After an 11-week trial, Coats and Wade were found guilty of Lynda's abduction, torture and murder.

Two other men, David Parker and Paul Smith, were each given 11 year sentences for assaulting Lynda and holding her captive.

What happened to her murderer Colin Coats?

Coats, and his accomplice Wade, were jailed for Lynda's kidnap, torture and murder, despite maintaining their innocence throughout the course of the trial.

Coats was given 33 years for the crime, whilst Wade received a 30 year term.

Police have still not found Lynda's body, despite Coats and Wade co-operating with authorities in 2022.

The pair were both taken out of prison on separate occasions to show the location, after suggesting her body was buried in a field in Argyll.

Police were not able to find anything, even after a three-month search.

Coats once reportedly boasted to a cellmate that he smothered Lynda, cut off her head and burnt her remains in a furnace.

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