You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the odd cupcake out in less than five seconds | The Sun

VIEWERS face a race against time as they try to spot the odd cupcake in this mind-boggling brain teaser.

Readers have been challenged to find the tasty treat in just five seconds.

This puzzle consists of dozens of rows of cupcakes.

The cupcakes look identical at first glance meaning readers will have to have eagled-eyed vision to spot the subtle difference.

Did you manage to beat the clock and find the rogue cupcake?

Viewers who are struggling to solve the puzzle should cast their eyes to the bottom right quadrant of the picture.

Then they should be able to spot a cupcake that has a different case to the other treats.

If that optical illusion was a piece of cake, then why not see if you can spot the skateboard in this cluttered garage?

The children’s toy is somewhere in the scene and consists of tires, boxes, buckets, and storage units.

Readers might be able to say they have the eyes of a hawk if they can spot the remote in this living room.

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And, can you find the pooch that’s hiding in this front room?

Viewers have also been challenged to see if they can spot the subtle mistake in this picture that shows a skater taking the ice.

But players face a race against the clock as they’ve been tasked with finding the error in just eight seconds.

A puzzle, appropriate for those thinking about their next break, challenges readers to spot the mistakes on an airport departure board.

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