You have the razor-sharp vision of a top striker if you can find Neymar hidden among the Messis in under five seconds | The Sun

CAN you find the odd Neymar out hidden among the Messis? If so, you certainly have the razor-sharp vision of a top striker.

Get ready for a challenge and try spotting the Brazil star in this optical illusion in under five seconds.

Even the most eagle-eyed among us will struggle to find Neymar seamlessly blended into Messi's body.

But stay focused and you find the odd footballer out in no time.

Completing optical illusions is a great way to give your grey matter a bit of a workout and can help to sharpen your cognitive and observation skills if done regularly.

So set your timer to just under five seconds and try cracking this tricky brainteaser.

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If you squint hard enough you may be able to see it. 

Did you manage to find the hidden Neymar or will you be left scratching your head?

If you're still struggling, focus on the right end of the middle row and you will realise it was right under your nose.

Still nothing? Not to worry, but be prepared to have your mind blown as the answer will be circled in the bottom picture.

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Feeling up for another challenge? Try spotting the wild leopard camouflaged in monsoon green grass in under 15 seconds.

Leopards are native to over 35 countries in Africa and are known to be "solitary animals," per the African Wildlife Foundation.

The optical illusion proves this aspect of the beast to be true, as only a sole leopard is hidden within it.

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