These Were The Biggest Makeup Trends of 2018

We hope you’re not sick of glitter yet—because if you thought 2018 was the year of all-glitter-everything, 2019 is poised to be even more sparkly. Gold highlighter, glittery glosses, and stark-black eyeliner were some of our most-used beauty products this past year. Ahead, take a look back at some of the biggest makeup trends from the past year. How many did you try?

Eyeshadow comes in just about every color and texture under the sun—so why is it what we only use taupe, brown, and sometimes black? This past year gave us more colorful makeup inspiration to last us until 2020. Case in point: makeup artist Hung Vanngo created this jaw-dropping cobalt eye look on model Jasmine Sanders for the summer’s CFDA Awards.

Black eyeliner took a dramatic turn in 2018 (as seen at Marc Jacobs and a handful of other runway shows). Trace it thick around both lashlines, wing it out at a dramatic angle, or create graphic shapes with it—just don’t trace a thin line above your lashes and call it a day.

A goof-proof liquid liner that makes creating sharp flicks and wings easy.

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, $30,


After years of liquid lipstick domination, the humble bullet is back. Kylie Jenner’s new Kylie Cosmetics lipstick bullets—featuring a creamy, hydrating formula—sold-out in minutes.

Kylie Cosmetics Lipstick, $17 each,


Rhinestones, gems, and sequins are the new way to wear the sparkly stuff, adhered on your eyelids and around your eyes using lash glue. It takes a little patience, but the statement-making payoff is worth it.

Rihanna didn’t invent gold makeup, but she did invent the gold highlighter you’re going to see everywhere for the next million-or-so years. Trophy Wife, from her Fenty Beauty line, is the perfect yellow-gold metallic pigment that can (and should) be all over your face.

If you have dark skin, you can go a little wild and layer Trophy Wife anywhere and everywhere. Paler and cooler skin tones should use it as eyeshadow and spot-highlighter.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife, $34,


As if sparkly embellishment and golden highlighter are still not enough, another massive makeup moment in 2018 was the rise of ultra-highlighted skin. The glowier, the better. Here, makeup artist Namvo creates her signature #namvoglow using a holographic violet pigment.

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Over The Moon, $6.40,


The cat-eye flick got a new look in 2018. Instead of tracing an ultra-sharp wing, round-off the edge instead—as seen on Bella Hadid at the Jason Wu show. (It was also the main look at Tom Ford.) Pro tip: trace the outline of the wing first, then fill it in. Or use a small makeup sponge applicator (the kind that comes in most eyeshadow pans) as a stamp to create the rounded shape.

Metallic makeup in all shades and finishes continued to trend in 2018. Wear it subtly by swiping a clear lip gloss shot-through with holographic shimmer over your favorite lipstick. Or go for bold by choosing a frosted or glittery lipstick in an unusual shade.

Backstage at the Christian Dior spring 2018 show, retro clumpy lashes made a comeback. These aren’t quite as dramatic as Twiggy lashes, but they do require layers of mascara and a few well-placed lashes.

Just a few swipes of this mousse-like formula is all you need to get ultra-thick, but never clumpy, lashes.

Dior Diorshow Pump‘N’Volume Mascara, $29.50,


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Reverse Lunges Might Be The Most Underrated Workout Move Of All Time

Adding reverse lunges into your regular rotation will do for your body what you should be doing for your car: delivering a routine, total-body tune up.

The single-leg move will increase stability, fix muscle imbalances, reduce knee and hip pain, and even help you walk better in heels, says Darin Hulslander, certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer with This Is Performance. And just like a wax and shine, that step-back-and-squat will build your booty and sculpt your legs.

How To Do Reverse Lunge

How to: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands at side or on your hips. With your right foot, step back about one and a half times your normal stride length, landing with the ball of that foot on the ground and your heel up. Lower the back leg straight down until it gently grazes the ground or close to, creating a 90-degree angle in the front leg. Push through the heel and midfoot of the front leg to return to standing, bringing your right foot back in line with your left. Repeat on the left side. That’s one rep.

“The reverse lunge is probably the best overall single-leg exercise you can do.”

Form notes: Ensure the toes and knee of your back leg are facing the same direction throughout the entire move to keep your knees healthy. And make sure you’re fully bending the back leg, or it’ll cause a strain in your hips. If you feel any pain, don’t go down as far, Hulslander says.

If you need stability support at first, do the move next to a ballet bar or wall to help as you lower and raise. And if you have limited ankle or hip mobility, try Hulslander’s prisoner reverse lunges first: Place your hands behind you head as you step back, lower, and return to start. This helps open the chest, keep a more neutral upper back, and reduces the strain on already tight tendons, he explains. Work your way up to hands on your hips.

Reps/sets you should do to see results: Do eight reps on one leg, then switch and repeat on the other side. Complete three to four sets total.

The Benefits Of Reverse Lunges

“The reverse lunge is probably the best overall single-leg exercise you can do,” Hulslander says.

For starters, the move actively targets the quads, glutes, and hamstrings—which means it’s strengthening and sculpting your entire backside. It teaches the knee to stabilize itself over the toe—great for your running technique—and it’s easier on your knees than the typical lunge since stepping backward calls for less shearing of the joint.

Additionally, reverse lunges improve your range of motion and mobility, which will cascade into boosting pretty much every aspect of your life. “A lack of ankle mobility is one of the main causes of knee pain I see, while limited hip mobility contributes to lower back pain,” Hulslander says. In addition to less pain, you can expect this move to help with everything from squatting deeper to picking your kids up off the floor.

To top it off, this move teaches your body how to shift your weight backward—something you rarely practice but often need, like when someone comes around a corner too fast or you misstep in high heels, Hulslander points out.

Make Reverse Lunges Part Of Your Workout

Beginners should start working reverse lunges into their routine twice a week, just using bodyweight. Once your body is used to all the stability work, Hulslander advises leveraging the move as often as every workout. He likes to do one or two sets of five reps as part of a dynamic warmup because, “it creates a nice stretch in the glutes, and gets the brain thinking of how to do the exercise.”

In a workout, pair reverse lunges with an upper-body move during circuits so your legs can get adequate rest from such a demanding movement. Or make them a part of your HIIT routine (but keep it weight-free since you want to execute it fast, but with proper form). And program the move toward the start of your routine since it’s “a more taxing movement and you don’t want to be too fatigued or your form and balance will suffer,” Hulslander says.

More advanced variations on side lunges: If you can execute three sets of eight bodyweight reps without your knee banging the floor or feeling strain in your hips (signs of muscle weakness and limited mobility, respectively), you’re ready to upgrade:

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Jennifer Lopez, 49, Launching Skincare Line In 2019 & Promises ‘It’ll Work’ — Everything To Know

Want to get that famous J-Lo glow? The star just revealed she’s launching a skincare line in 2019 — here’s everything we know!

Jennifer Lopez, 49, knows a thing or two about beauty. She has released 26 fragrances in the last decade and a half, and has a makeup collaboration with Inglot Cosmetics, which launched in 2018 and is totally affordable and amazing. Now, she’s revealing that she’s launching a skincare line! We need to know how she looks SO amazing at almost 50 years old! The line is reportedly dropping in late 2019.

While speaking with The Wing’s head of culture and diversity Yari Blanco in New York City on Dec. 12, Jennifer said, “I will be coming out with a skincare line. I’ve been working on it for a long time because I don’t want to put [just] anything out. It’s going to be something that works. That’s what you can count on when my name is on something,” Refinery29 reported.

As far as just HOW she looks so amazing, J-Lo added, “I get that question a lot, especially as I get older. I want it to be something that encompasses all the things I’ve learned and all the secrets I have. And it doesn’t have anything to do with needles.” We literally cannot contain our excitement over this news! We will pretty much buy anything and everything if it means we can look like J-Lo! She is aging backwards!

Jennifer lives a healthy lifestyle both inside and out. She’s constantly spotted at the gym, plus has said in the past she really prioritizes sleep. She uses moisturizer and SPF to keep her skin so dewy and fresh. We can’t wait to get our hands on her line!

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We Did the Hard Work of Finding Kate Middleton's Best 2018 Hair Moments So You Don't Have To

We Did the Hard Work of Finding Kate Middleton’s Best 2018 Hair Moments So You Don’t Have To

If you looked up “Kate Middleton” in the dictionary, we’re certain that somewhere in the description would be her always-perfectly-in-place chestnut brown hair. With never a strand out of place, Middleton has tried most long hairstyles. Some she favors more, like the chignon, while others she brings out for seasonal occasions, like the holiday ribbon in hair. But what do they have in common? They’re all elegant.

Among the excitement of two royal weddings and another royal baby, the duchess has had one of her busiest years ever, but she managed it all with a beautiful bouncy blowout. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite royal hairstyles moments ahead (spoiler, there are a lot).

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9 Face Wipes That Won't Make Sensitive Skin Feel the Burn

9 Face Wipes That Won’t Make Sensitive Skin Feel the Burn

Only in a Shakespeare sonnet could a red face (an “everlasting bonfire light”) seem kind of endearing. When it’s your own painfully pink skin staring back at you in the mirror, however, it takes every inch of willpower not to give your entire beauty arsenal a Romeo and Juliet ending. No product is safe β€” not even the seemingly harmless makeup remover wipe.

You see, for anyone who breaks out in hives just thinking about the words “lightly fragranced” or suffers from rosacea, eczema, or sensitive skin, wipes can be an open invitation to sting central. The good news is that not all of them are created equal, and there are some on the market that gently coddle your face like a nice sheet of fabric should.

Check out some of our favorites ahead β€” and leave the color red to what the big guns upstairs intended, like wine, spaghetti, and (for all you romantics) a rose by any other name.

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Amazon Is Practically Giving Away These Sweet ASICS Running Shoes Today

Short of the actual holidays, Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals might be the best thing about December. Seriously, it’s really hard to match the feeling of joy when you get when you save 30 to 50 percent off of stuff you really want.

Well, get ready to be showered in good tidings, because the 12 Days of Deals is featuring sports and outdoors gear today—and that means tons of discounted sneakers!

We’re specifically eyeing the ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 running shoe, which are 25 to 30 percent off for today, depending on your size. (BTW: Women’s Health previously recommended these sneakers as one of the best running shoes of 2018).

Here’s what you need to know about these shoes: They’re designed to enhance your foot’s natural gait, they have a nice bouncy feeling thanks to ASICS’ FluidRide tech, and the upper part of the shoe has stretchy mesh that hugs your foot, making it feel like you’re wearing a sneaker-glove combo.

These sneaks also have a great heel fit that helps hold your entire foot in the shoe well, along with a sweet gel cushioning that absorbs shock as you run.

People are loving these shoes in the reviews. “They fit you like a glove and your foot doesn’t swim around,” one reviewer said.

“Love, love these shoes,” another said, before adding that they’re planning to buy an extra one for work.

Of course, sneakers are a highly personal choice and what works for one person doesn’t do it for another. So, you might also want to check out the New Balance Women’s WX730V2 training shoe (on sale starting at $35.99), which is lightweight and versatile.

Or maybe you’re into the Mizuno Women’s Wave Paradox 3 running shoe (also on sale, starting at $50), which gets props for being durable and offering great support.

Whatever your preferred shoe, today is definitely the day to hit up Amazon’s 12 Days Of Deals and buy that new pair of kicks you’ve been meaning to get since forever. After all, your feet need love around the holidays, too.

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Natural Makeup Brands You Need To Try

If you had told me three years ago that my entire makeup bag would be filled with clean products, I would have given you some major side eye. I know what you’re thinking: Do natural beauty products actually work as well as their not-as-eco-friendly counterparts?

Like many of you, I was skeptical that the formulas wouldn’t perform, the colors would be dull, and the experience would feel less luxe than I was used to. But, after months of testing (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!), I was proven way, way wrong. I’m now on year two of a totally clean makeup bag and cannot recommend the transition more—I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my skin before.

Curious about trying clean, natural makeup? You’re not alone. “When I transitioned to a clean makeup kit over 10 years ago, it was relatively unheard of,” says Christy Coleman, chief artistic officer at Beautycounter. “However, in recent years, I’ve seen more and more makeup artists as well as clients taking an interest in clean beauty. I also see more indie brands and retailers popping up, and many traditional retailers are even creating special clean beauty sections in stores, proving that clean beauty is resonating with consumers and is here to stay.”

One of the main reasons the world of natural makeup is confusing: “There is no government or third party-certified definition stating what qualifies as clean beauty,” says Tara Foley, founder and CEO of Follain, one of my favorite clean beauty shopping destinations. Learning that there was no FDA regulation on these terms was a real a-ha moment for me personally. “Unfortunately, some brands try to capitalize on the clean beauty movement by labeling their products with words like clean, non-toxic, and natural or by putting a leaf on the package, but when you take a closer look at the label, you’ll find some nasty ingredients,” adds Foley.

Speaking of nasty surprises in your products, here are a few scary ingredients you should be avoiding: “Since makeup sits on the skin for the day, it is important to select products that are free of chemicals that are questionable or contain irritants,” says dermatologist Ellen Marmur, M.D., founder of Marmur Medical and Marmur Metamorphosis Skincare. “Chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, PEGs, and synthetic fragrances are all linked to harmful health effects such as hormone disruption, cancer, and skin irritation.”

I love hitting up clean beauty stores like Follain, Credo, and The Detox Market, which have all done the vetting for me, making it easy to shop safe. I know that these stores have excluded all brands and products that contain controversial and harmful ingredients. Another great resource: the Environmental Working Group. “The EWG started the EWG Verified program as a way to help consumers recognize products that do not contain harmful ingredients, fully disclose ingredients, and are made with sustainable manufacturing practices,” says Carla Burns, EWG research analyst. “The best way to tell if a product contains chemicals of concern is by checking the label or by using resources like EWG’s Skin Deep database or Healthy Living app.”

And now for the fun part: shopping! Here’s a list of the brands that really stand out to me in the natural makeup world. Everything in their lines is safe, so you can feel confident shopping and wearing these brands. Prepare to feel beautiful—naturally.


SHOWN: Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation


I’m personally obsessed with Ilia’s foundations and tinted moisturizers. (Especially their new True Skin Serum Foundation that is packed with rosehip and marula oils.) They’re formulated with a mix of organic and natural botanics, plus safe synthetics. That combo equals textures that glide on gorgeously, while leaving skin feeling healthier than before. And that chic aluminum packaging? It’s recycled.


SHOWN: Beautycounter Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic


When you use a Beautycounter product, you know it’s been vetted for safety. That’s because they have something called “The Never List”—a database of over 1,500 questionable and harmful ingredients they will never formulate with. Also impressive: they’re constantly advocating for stricter guidelines and regulatory laws within the personal care industry. I’m currently loving their new Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic—it’s got all the neutrals you need, plus a few fun sparkly pops.


SHOWN: RMS Beauty Champagne Rose Luminizer


When a line is created by a makeup artist (in this case, Rosemarie Swift), you can rest assured it’s going to work. I can’t live without their Champagne Rose Luminizer—it gives the most perfect dewy glow to cheekbones. As for what’s inside their products: raw, food-grade organic ingredients. And what’s not? Synthetic preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, and harmful chemicals.


SHOWN: Kosas Weightless Lip Color


When I first switched over to natural makeup, I assumed I would have to sacrifice color payoff. That’s until I discovered these natural lipsticks from Kosas. The entire line is formulated without the usual suspects (parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, fragrance, etc.) and packed with mango, shea, and grapeseed oils for literally the most comfortable lipstick wear of all time.


SHOWN: Alima Pure Bronzer


Alima’s Bronzer is a staple in my own makeup bag. Many natural bronzers can contain shimmer, but this is hands-down the best matte version I’ve tried. The rest of their line of cosmetics is just as great. Not only are the products themselves free of any controversial ingredients, but the company is also carbon neutral (they offset 100 percent of their carbon emissions through donations to and they’re a a certified B Corporation (a hard-to-achieve status based on a company’s impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment).


SHOWN: W3ll People Expressionist Mascara


That little ‘3’ in the name? It represents the trio of founders: a makeup artist, dermatologist, and eco-entrepreneur. This line is for the person who’s all about the no-makeup look. My personal must-have is the cult-fave Expressionist Mascara—it builds such incredible volume, you’d have no idea it wasn’t a conventional mascara. It’s free of petroleum derivatives, coal tar, aluminum, and parabens—making it safe for the sensitive eye area.


SHOWN: Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in Peach


Makeup artist to some of Hollywood’s coolest women (Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, the list goes on), Jillian created a curated collection of good-for-you makeup. Her first and star product is the Lid Tint. It’s formulated with organic jojoba oil and shea butter and free of synthetic fragrances or dyes. I personally love this peach color, which gives lids a subtle healthy glow (I wear it on my cheeks sometimes, too).


SHOWN: Kjaer Weis Cream Blush


Want a little sustainable luxury with your clean makeup? Then this is the line for you. The products are formulated with either natural or certified organic ingredients, and the weighty, super-chic compacts are refillable. Give their cream blushes a try—they go on like butter and give the most beautiful flush.


SHOWN: Rituel de Fille Ash & Ember Eye Soot in Obsidian


I’m obsessed with this brand’s cool, witchy vibes. Their products are handcrafted without parabens, phthalates, or synthetic dyes; and are cruelty-free. Their Ash and Ember Eye Soot is seriously magical and makes a smoky eye super quick and easy.


SHOWN: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Perfecting Concealer


Into the farm-to-table movement? Then this is your new farm-to-beauty obsession. Juice Beauty sources many of the ingredients for their products from USDA-certified organic farms. Oh, and they manufacture many of their products using solar power. I’m hard-pressed (sorry, bad juice pun!) to pick my fave product of theirs, but their Phyto-Pigments Perfecting Concealer is up there for sure.  


SHOWN: Burt’s Bees Nourishing Eyeliner Pencil


One of the O.G.s of the clean beauty scene, Burt’s Bees has recently expanded into the makeup world. Just like their beloved skincare and lip balms, the cosmetics are formulated without parabens, phthalates, and petrolatum. I love their pencil liner, which is super gentle on eyes while still giving the definition you expect from a traditional liner. 

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Hailey Baldwin Just Chopped Off Her Hair

It's been said that 2018 was the year of the bob, and it's not over yet: On Wednesday night, with only a few weeks left to hop on the trend, Hailey Baldwin debuted a super-short cut of her own.

The model showed off her new style in a selfie on her Instagram Story, captioned "chopped," in which she lays in bed in a Kanye West "Wyoming" tee and wears a heart-eyes filter over her face. The cut appears to be a choppy, chin-length bob with a few slightly shorter, face-framing layers in front. Baldwin joins stars like Kim Kardashian West, Emma Stone, and Lucy Hale, among countless others, all of whom have gone under the scissors in recent months.

Most recently, Baldwin was sporting a mid-length cut that reached several inches below her collarbone. Before that, however, she began the year with a style almost as short as her current look: At the Met Gala in May, her pink hair fell just above her shoulders. Over the summer, as her hair grew out, it fell in perfect sync with that of now-husband Justin Bieber's own shoulder-length blond mane. Bieber, too, has since chopped off his luscious locks, revealing a brand-new buzz cut in a mirror selfie at the end of October.

Though she chose to premiere her haircut on her Instagram Story, don't expect Baldwin to share a multitude of "new 'do" selfies on the platform. Last weekend, the 22-year-old posted a lengthy message on her Story in which she explained that she takes regular social media breaks to protect both her mental health and her relationship with Bieber. "Being off of Instagram is the best thing ever. Whenever I take breaks from it I feel so much better, so much happy as a person.. the second I come back on I get immediate anxiety, I get sad and I get worked up," she wrote. "It's hard to focus on your well being and mental health when each time you open Instagram someone is tearing apart your job, or your relationship or essentially any of the things in your life that are positive."

Related: Hailey Baldwin, a Lawfully Wedded Woman, Has Rebranded Herself as Hailey Bieber

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The Most Googled Beauty Questions Of 2018 Prove Everyone Is Confused About The Same Thing

Beauty tips and tricks are all the rage. From YouTube tutorials to Pinterest hacks, everyone seems to be looking for ways to up their beauty game, and according to Allure, the most Googled beauty question of 2018 proves that everyone is kind of obsessed with eyelashes even if no one seems to know how to use them.

When it comes to lashes, there’s a lot of options and a lot of work. From how to apply traditional strip lashes to how to care for eyelash extensions and what lashes are right for you, it’s a lot to take in. According to Allure and Google, though, the biggest eyelash question of 2018 centered around one big trend: magnetic lashes.

If you didn’t hear about the magnetic lash trend of 2018, they’re basically exactly what they sound like. Instead of applying a strip lash with glue, each eye has two strips with teeny tiny magnets along the lash line that connect over your own. Sounds simple enough, right? Apparently not so much.

The most Googled questions wasn’t what magnetic lashes are, where to buy them, or how well they worked. Instead, it was "how to apply magnetic lashes," and it doesn’t seem like the answer exists.

Ardell Professional Magnetic Double Strip Lash



The magnetic lash craze came along in late 2017 and lasted through 2018, and it appears as though people were hoping for an easier and faster way to apply falsies. After all, applying glue to a strip lash, waiting for it to become tacky, and then gluing down your lash isn’t a process you can rush. Magnetic lashes seem like the easy, pop on, and head out the door answer to this, but one look at reviews of them, and you’ll understand why people were Googling how to use them.

One of the most obvious tells that magnetic lashes were one of the hardest trends to conquer was the fact that many mega-talented YouTubers just couldn’t get them to work.

Guru Tati Westbrook is a lash applying pro (as are most gurus), and while she desperately wanted to the lashes to work for the sake of ease and a lack of glue, they just weren’t cutting it.

Other gurus like Ellarie were, however, successful with the style. Her video, however, proves that applying the lashes isn’t the easiest thing in the world and takes time to learn how to use. Like everything, there are pros and cons to the product.

As for the every day person β€” aka those who aren’t a beauty guru β€” the reviews on Amazon for certain pairs of lashes are, well, not great. For Ardell’s set of magnetic lashes, of 236 review, half of them were a single star.

Other brands, however, like One Two Cosmetics, seem to fair better for people. Their Founder’s Lash has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with 400 reviews and even won a 2016 Allure beauty award. It seems some pairs may actually work β€” just keep in mind that One Two Cosmetics lashes are a whopping $69 while Ardell’s are only around $10.

One Two Cosmetics Founder’s Lash


One Two Cosmetics

Will people ever discover how to use magnetic lashes? Maybe or maybe not, but they’re certainly Googling it to try.

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Real Hair Flowers Are the Coolest New Trend for 2018

Photography by Lara Jade; Floral Design by Putnam & Putnam; Model Bibi Sharapova @ Muse Management; Styling by Carrie Goldberg; Beauty Editor Jenna Rosenstein; Makeup by Moises Ramirez; Hair by Jeanie Syfu using T3 Micro for Atelier Management; Floral Hair Design by Jeannie Huang; Digital Design by Perri Tomkiewicz; Photo Assistant Jose Alvarado; Digital Tech Ryan Liu; Videographer Connor Reid; Assistant Camera Jonathan Cortizo; Video Editor Robert Mroczko; Video Colorist Erica Dillman; Motion Graphics Aaron Halevy; Production by Suze Lee & Oona Wally.

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