Woman lambasted for blow-drying her own hair at the salon

A woman has sent commenters into a frenzy after she posted a video of herself blow-drying her own hair at the hairdressers.

Brigette, from New York City, uploaded a video to Instagram showing how she achieves the perfect bouncy blow-dry.

But, in the clip, the blonde content creator is far from the comfort of her own home, instead she’s in the salon chair.

‘One thing about me is I’m blow drying my own hair at the salon after I get it done,’ she captioned the video, asking her 276K followers, ‘anyone else?’

However, commenters are less than impressed.

‘Girl just get your hair done and then go home and style it  – why the f**k would you waste your stylist’s time AND use their stuff??? Rude,’ wrote one girl.

‘Literally that’s so f****** rude,’ said another. 

Another said that she was wasting her hair stylist’s time and products.

‘Honey that’s not a flex, that’s rude,’ she wrote.

‘If you don’t like the way they style your hair then politely decline, pay, and then leave. DON’T WASTE THEIR TIME, HAIR PRODUCTS, AND TOOLS ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE A CLIENT SOON AFTER YOU. Just go home and do it yourself.’

Hair stylists even chimed in. 

‘As a hairstylist I’m here to tell you they’re annoyed and side-eyeing you,’ wrote one.

Another said his blow dryer costs $400 (£327) ‘so I gently let those clients know that no one uses it but me.’

However, others understood the logic, stating that she likely wants to see how her hair look when she styles it herself, which she’ll be doing everyday. 

‘The client is doing it herself to see if the cut is suitable for her styling capacities and day to day life. She’s feeling the results with her hands, and making sure she doesn’t need a touch up and it’s going to look good every day (not just when a professional who studied for years and has lots of experience does it for you, it’s not realistic),’ they wrote.

‘How is it rude???’ another person asked. ‘I wish I could do it at least once but they never let me AND ignore my comments on how I want my hair to look. THAT’S rude.’

Whatever your thoughts, we have to admit, she kind of slayed.

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