Bam Margera Back To His Old Ways… But This Time It's A Good Thing?!

Phew! For once Bam Margera begin back to his old self doesn’t equate to fears for his safety. Well, not his safety anyway.

The Viva La Bam star has had a really hard time in his battles with addiction the past couple years. But this week he got back to a fight he can win — sucker punching kids trying to be the next Jackass! LOLz!

The Madhouse Boys are an upstart stunt group inspired by Bam and company’s old exploits — they even say in their Instagram bio they’re like “if Jackass and your mom had a baby.” Well, they got the genuine article to help them out in their latest stunt — getting knocked the eff out!

In videos shared to their IG, Bam helps out the next generation of fearless freaks by strapping on some oversized boxing gloves and bashing them in the side of the head from behind. This actually sounds really dangerous as boxers end up with brain damage from unguarded hits, but well… that’s Jackass for ya, we guess?

See Bam get back to his roots (below)!

A post shared by @madhouseboys

A post shared by @madhouseboys

This is nice for Bam. He cut ties with the actual Jackass crew over his inability to stay sober during the filming of Jackass Forever. In the nearly three years since he’s had such a rough time trying to get his s**t together. And for Bam, this may be what that looks like, frankly. Finding kids who see him as a mentor and bashing them on the head.

We guess in a way he’s giving the Madhouse guys his blessing, but… Man, we really hope that guy is OK, that looks like it HURTS! Hopefully Bam’s years of experience with KOs means he knows how to do it in the safest way?

What do YOU think of Bam’s latest moves? See the new guys in action some more (below):

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