Bob Barker Watched 'Two and a Half Men' in Final Days, Estate Going to 40+ Nonprofits

Bob Barker was still a big TV man during his final chapter, and now that he’s gone — his legacy lives on in a massive donation to 501(c)(3)s … TMZ has learned.

The “Price is Right” host’s longtime rep, Roger Neal, tells us Bob spent quite a bit of time checking out the tube in his last days of life … including a lot of reruns of “Two and a Half Men” — which, to people around him, reminded them Bob still had his sense of humor.

We’re told Bob would also check out new episodes of his old show every now and then, and always thought Drew Carey had done well to carry on the torch after his retirement.

Now, as for what’s going to happen to Bob’s estate in the wake of his passing … we’re told a majority of it is going to be divvied up and donated to a number of causes he was passionate about, especially as it pertains to animals and vets.

bob barker

Neal says a bulk of Bob’s assets will be dispersed among over 40 different animal rights orgs and military nonprofits — including the DonkeyLand Rescue in Riverside, CA, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society … as well as a bird conservatory.

Some of the estate’s assets are also going toward the United Activists for Animal Rights charity — which BB’s girlfriend, Nancy, leads as President. We’re told she did well taking care of him over the past year … making sure he was attended to round-the-clock.

Neal says Bob left Nancy in charge of pretty much everything — noting he enjoyed life and lived in the moment. Bob was 99.


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