Tiffany Gomas Back at Airport, Plays Coy on What She 'Saw' on Plane

The woman who went viral for freaking out on a plane is hitting the skies again, hoping for a different outcome — but still doing her damnedest to keep people wondering what, if anything, she “saw” that day.

We got Tiffany Gomas Monday at LAX, where she’d just landed after flying in — thankfully, incident-free — from Dallas, but we had to ask her about the now infamous incident … and where things stand now.

Check it out, our guy asks how she feels being back in a terminal again, and she says she’s a little nervous considering her recent history.

She also admits she’s just a bit more mindful about her actions while in the cabin of a plane and expects to keep her cool. In fact, she says she wishes she woulda done that to begin with.

Then we get to the million-dollar question Tiffany has yet to answer: What the hell did you see???

Even in her initial apology remarks to us a few weeks ago, she avoided the topic — and sadly for people dying to know … she continues to play coy, refusing to elaborate on the source of her meltdown.

Take a look to see why she’s opting to remain tight-lipped. Gotta say … her not-so-clever tease reeks of shameless self-promotion. Welcome to Hollywood, we guess!

Even cops couldn’t get a clear response out of her — caught on bodycam — when they interviewed her the day she declared, “That motherf***** is not real!!!”

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