Charlotte Crosby’s fiancé Jake Ankers suffers scary panic attack during romantic Dubai proposal

Charlotte Crosby and Jake Ankers shared the happy news that they got engaged this week – but Jake has admitted that he was so nervous about the proposal that he suffered a scary panic attack.

The happy couple are on holiday in Dubai where Jake popped the question during a romantic rooftop moment where a shocked Charlotte got emotional over her gorgeous diamond-encrusted ring.

But in an honest post on Instagram, Jake opened up on how the moment was so big for him that he had struggled to control his anxiety.

Smiling at the camera and lying on their bed, Charlotte said: "Hi everyone, I'm engaged!" as Jake added: "I'm engaged too!"

A thrilled looking Charlotte said: "We're fiancés!" but Jake shared that it had been difficult for him to contain his emotions as he asked Charlotte to marry him.

He said: "Can we just say, I had an anxiety attack and a panic attack, I had to stop filming."

Luckily, Charlotte said yes and the couple, who share one-year-old daughter Alba Jean, could not look happier in their holiday photos.

Charlotte gushed: "I've never seen a ring like this before in my life. It's got five diamonds."

In another post, Charlotte posed with her engagement ring and wrote: "Right ok guys I'm sorry but I think I'm gunna cry. Again is this really happening. I can't stop staring at the ring. I'm so sorry if for the next few weeks I do poses with my hand in every shot. I'm just so eternally happy. And I've never seen anything so beautiful in my whole entire life."

The couple discovered Charlotte was pregnant just three months after meeting and welcomed baby Alba last October, with former Geordie Shore star Charlotte recently telling OK! that they had adjusted easily to family life.

She said of Jake: "He just knew what to do. He just unlocked this paternal instinct – it was crazy to watch.

"He’s known me for longer with Alba than without so our dynamic has always been family life. We’ve known no different. There was no set routine – we really didn’t know each other that well so nothing changed [when Alba was born]."

Talking about Alba, Charlotte added: "She’s dead laidback. She’s got a lovely temperament and a lovely, beautiful personality.

"Everything that everyone said [about parenthood] has been wrong in our case. People said, ‘Get your sleep now because you’ll never sleep again!’ But we sleep more now than we ever have in our lives. Alba started sleeping through the night at 12 weeks old and doesn’t wake up through the night. We have the most beautiful life."

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