Moment mystery car scratcher causes £40,000 worth of damage to 80 cars

Moment mystery car scratcher is caught on camera gouging marks in 80 parked vehicles in £40,000 vandalism spree

A mystery car scratcher was caught on a doorbell camera as he marched down a street – and keyed 80 cars in a row.

Neighbours woke up in the morning to discover keyed gouged marks in every car parked on the road in the estimated £40,000 scratching spree.

Police are hunting the mystery wrecker who went on a 1am trail of damage as the car owners were peacefully asleep.

The scratcher struck in busy Lansdowne Road in Canton, Cardiff, in darkness – but was seen on the doorbell cam in his red jacket, dark hood and carrying a rucksack.

Throughout the footage of the mystery person is seen lining his hand up with every car he passes and scratching each one in his path, costing each car owner an estimated £500 each.

The unknown man caused roughly £40,000 of damage by scratching 80 cars

None of the residents know what caused the scratcher to target their street

Driver Denis Rosenau said: ‘When I came out this morning, all of our neighbours are out there looking at the cars.

‘Every single car from here, all the way down is all scratched. I don’t really see the point in them just ruining other people’s cars.’

Sophie Jones, 32, said: ‘But if you claim it on your insurance you will have to pay the excess and it will push up your premiums probably.

‘This is just so mindless. What have any of us done to the guy?’

One resident said that it could cause an issue with their insurance if they claim for the damage

South Wales Police are appealing for any information on the identity of the man who deliberately damaged the parked cars around 1am on Tuesday (31 October).

A force spokesperson said: ‘We are appealing for the identity of this man who criminally damaged up to 80 cars on Lansdowne Road, Canton. It occurred at around 1am on Tuesday, October 31, where the man deliberately scratched parked cars.’

This comes after an angry mother-of-four keyed a car in front of her children because she felt it was parked too close to hers, causing £1,000 worth of damage. 

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