Collection Of YES Singles To Be Released On Vinyl

Rhino will release a new collection of rare single versions of Yes‘s biggest hits on vinyl.

Yessingles will be available on October 6 on 140-gram black vinyl and a special splatter-vinyl version at local retailers for $24.98. Both versions can be pre-ordered at

The Promo Radio Edit version of “And You And I (Part One)” has been released digitally for the first time.

The 12-song collection boasts new artwork.

Yessingles moves chronologically through the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s career, starting in 1971 with the group’s first Top 40 hit, “Your Move,” and ending in 1984 with its smash, “Leave It.”

Yessingles Track Listing:

Side One
1. “Your Move” – Single Version
2. “Starship Trooper: Life Seeker” – Single Version
3. “Roundabout” – Single Edit
4. “America” – Single Edit
5. “And You And I (Part One)” – Promo Radio Edit
6. “Soon” – Single Edit

Side Two
1. “Sound Chaser” – Single Edit
2. “Wondorous Stories” – Single Version
3. “Don’t Kill The Whale” – Single Version
4. “Into The Lens” – Single Version
5. “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” – Single Version
6. “Leave It” – Single Remix

(Photo: Rhino)

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