David Haye’s ‘throuple’ pal slams his ex Una Healy over romance comments

David Haye ’s new "throuple" partner has slammed his ex Una Healy after the singer criticised the boxer and his girlfriend Sian Osborne.

The former Saturdays star hasn’t held back in recent months as she lifted the lid on her time in the unique relationship, which included admitting it wasn’t originally what she had signed up for.

However, Mica Jova, 28, has now jumped to David and Sian’s defence. Speaking to the Mail, Mica said: "David is one of the most gorgeous souls out there and Sian is a sweetheart.

"They are such good people so I really don't understand why Una Healy is trying to put a bad light on those two."

She then continued: ”They were treating everyone right while I was with them, and they were so gentle, so they don't deserve this.

"They were two of the most gorgeous souls I have ever met and they are very cool people. I don't regret anything in my life."

The comments come after Una had previously opened up about her brief time in the unconventional relationship earlier this year, which included confessing that she had only ever been attracted to David.

Speaking on Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally’s My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast, Una claimed that Sian had originally been out of the picture when she first connected with the boxer through a celebrity matchmaking service.

According to the singer, David then wooed her on the phone and the pair began to go out on dates together one-on-one, until one day she discovered that Sian was back on the scene.

Rather than hide this fact, David was up front about the situation and urged Una to meet her, as there were both “very special” people in his life.

On being introduced to Sian, Una recalled: “I did meet her and she was a really nice girl.

“I didn’t get to know her very well . . . I wasn’t romantic with her.”

The singer then explained how Sian had come along on holiday with her and David to Morocco, as she added: “I would have rather it was just me and him, but she’s a nice girl, so I said she can come too.”

Following the trip, the relationship suddenly hit the headlines with the term "throuple", something that Una herself confessed she had to Google, as she didn’t initially recognise or understand the word.

She said: “I had to Google because I had never heard it in my life. I was like, ‘What is this?’”

Just weeks later, on a subsequent trip to Costa Rica inJanuary, Una realised she needed to escape from the relationship, as the complex dynamic just wasn’t something she was comfortable with.

She then left the relationship citing a desire to focus on her family, which includes two children she shares with her ex, Ben Foden.

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