Beyonce Primed to Top Box Office with 'Renaissance' Concert Film


Beyoncé is all set to take the top spot at the box office this weekend with her new concert film — but it’s falling way short of another this year … guess who.

The Queen Bey had a strong first-day start to the weekend with her ‘Renaissance’ flick — which raked in about $11.5 million between Thursday previews and Friday’s full day of showings. Projections have it pegged to make somewhere in the ballpark of $20-$24 million domestically through Sunday.

Like we said, it’s certainly a solid figure as far as concert films are concerned — especially historically — but it pales in comparison to how Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ movie did in the same window a few months ago … when it made $39 mil domestically between Thur/Fri, and ended up with a huge haul of $92 million for its total opening weekend.

Of course, at this point, the “Eras” tour film has grossed well over $250 million worldwide.

Not to compare the two, but you kind of have to when Bey and Tay are the biggest pop stars in the world … and they both released concert films within a short window. The juxtaposition is only natural, and the numbers are what they are.

It should go without saying … they most certainly support one another regardless, and attended the other’s premiere, respectively — Bey in L.A. for Tay, and Tay in London for Bey.

taylor swift beyonce

And yes … they posed together on both occasions, so it’s no bad blood whatsoever — or so it seems, anyway. Their fervent fan bases tend to be a little more competitive at times.

In any case, the real winner here is AMC — which exclusively distributed both movies and is cleaning up big time. Rather than use an outside studio partner, they did it themselves … and so far, it seems to be paying off.

Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour

Whodatunkit … Beyonce and Taylor dominated the big stage and the big screen this year. Didn’t see that one coming!

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