Deal Or No Deal viewers praise ‘right decision’ as star wins biggest prize since show reboot

Deal Or No Deal viewers praised the latest contestant and said he made the “right decision” as he won the biggest prize since the show was rebooted.

Stevie, a truck driver from Scotland, took the banker's offer of £24,600, despite still being in with a chance of taking home £75,000.

Members of the audience and other contestants could barely watch as the scenes took place, with many expressing a sigh of relief when Stevie decided to take home the money.

Fans took to X, formally known as Twitter, to express their delight for the contestant, as one said: “Huge well done Stevie on dealing on a massive £24,600 that is such a lot of money and now the highest winner of #DealOrNoDeal so far :)”, while another added: “Don't regret it. £24,600 is a phenomenal amount of money”.

A third quipped: “Only a fool would gamble 24k did the right thing for the situation #DealOrNoDeal”, while another added: “Banker won again but £24,600 isn't bad for an hour's work #DealOrNoDeal.”

Reflecting on the week, another added: “What an emotional roller coaster this week on #DealOrNoDeal Tears yesterday for Brad’s story & c**p game. Then Stevie’s good deal today!! Feel slightly stupid for shouting at the tele & clapping, but it’s hard not to get involved, particularly with @StephenMulhern in charge!!”

Stevie said he wanted to use the money to take his family on a big family holiday, as well as pay for his wedding for his fiancée, who he has been in a relationship with for 10 years.

Friday’s episode followed after an emotional game the day before where contestant Brad left viewers in tears after he walked away with just £5.

Early in the show, Brad shared that he was terminally ill and had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a condition that weakens the muscles and leads to paralysis.

Brad bravely explained that he likely only had a few years left to live. However, he remained positive, reminding Stephen that physicist Stephen Hawking also had MND and lived for 55 years after his diagnosis.

He appeared to be playing a great game at first and at one point in the game, he managed to shed more blue boxes than red. More importantly, he still had the box with £100,000 to be found.

But following a series of bad luck, Brad ended up with only £5.

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