Duchess Meghan went to Beyonce’s birthday concert last night

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One of my favorite fan-videos from the LA Beyonce concert last Friday was the one of the Duchess of Sussex literally shaking her ass to “Diva.” You just know that every shake of that ass broke every royal protocol and every shimmy irrevocably broke the monarchy. Meghan clearly had an amazing time at Friday’s concert. So she went back! She went to Beyonce’s Monday night concert, which was Bey’s birthday. Kendrick Lamar performed with Bey and tons of celebrities came out, many for the second time.

Meghan was photographed with Kerry Washington and Kelly Rowland, as you can see. It looks like Meghan was once again in the upper deck of the SoFi Stadium, where there are VIP lounges. The fact that she was photographed with Kelly sort of means that Meghan is in Beyonce’s inner circle of discreet and powerful friends. The Daily Mail is predictably crying about it and they seem bizarrely focused on the photographer of these pics, Kevin Mazur. The Mail refers to Mazur as a “Kardashian photographer.” Mazur is one of the most respected celebrity photographers around and he’s good friends with many of his celebrity subjects. Anyway, those salty folks are seething.

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