Florida Man Arrested for Trying to Kill, Dump Old Shih Tzu Dog

A guy in Florida was caught on video dumping what cops say was an old, helpless dog that he allegedly tried killing before throwing it away … and now, he’s facing criminal charges.

55-year-old Anthony Bellman was recently arrested and booked for animal cruelty in Lee County, FL — this after he was seen on surveillance footage last week chucking a black garbage bag into a dumpster behind a Family Dollar store in Lehigh Acres.

anthony bellman mug shot lee county sheriffs office

The authorities there claim a 16-year-old Shih Tzu pooch was in the bag, and that it’d been left for dead after Bellman allegedly tried choking it out with a rope, but failed.

It was later found alive by an employee with a rope still around its body. The dog has since been taken to a clinic for its injuries. Her name is Xyla, and she’s mostly blind.

anthony bellman dog lee county sheriffs office

As for Bellman, he was tracked down by the Sheriff’s Office and hauled in for a mug shot not long after this … and according to officials, he allegedly said he didn’t want to take the dog to get euthanized since it’d be too sad. Instead, he attempted to snuff it out himself.

Law enforcement claims he attempted to snap Xyla’s neck with a belt before ultimately giving up and throwing her out like trash. The Sheriff there, Carmine Marceno, says he’s glad to have been able to hold Bellman accountable. A new home for Xyla is being sought out.

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