Gloria Estefan says she’s psychic and knew she would be famous

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The other day, I mentioned that I am fascinated by dreams and what they could possibly be telling us. Well, I’m also fascinated by other “Universe-y” things such as the power of intuition, premonitions, synchronicities, serendipity, and the like. I have absolutely had instances where I thought something random and within a few days, it happened. I’ve also had moments where I just felt in sync with energies around me. IYKYK.

In a recent episode of her Apple Fitness+ series “Time to Walk,” Gloria Estefan shared that she believes she has a “psychic ability” that she describes as a “certainty” about something. These feelings of certainty led to Gloria just knowing that her band Miami Sound Machine would become world famous, even though they were still just a little gig band trying to make it big at the time.

She gets flashes: “You know, throughout my life, I got these flashes. I would just have this certainty about something, that some people might call a psychic ability. And I kept getting this recurring feeling that we’re going to be famous all over the world,” she says of Miami Sound Machine’s success.

She predicted the details of their big break: “One night, I ventured to tell Emilio [Estefan] and he’s going, ‘Really?’ I go, ‘I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I’m just certain. In fact, I think we’re going to be famous outside the U.S. before we ever are famous here.’ One day, we’re rehearsing in our garage and all of a sudden, ‘Dr. Beat’ comes on the radio and we go, ‘What?’ We’re jumping up and down like fools going, ‘How did this happen?’” Estefan, 66, recalls. “We found out that somehow the song had been exported to Europe through the record pools. It was No. 1 in Holland, top 10 in England, and it had come backwards, and the radio station in Miami had then played it because it was at the top of the charts in Europe.”

Record execs wanted to de-Latinize them: “When we were already working on the song ‘Conga,’ we had to convince a record company to let us record in English. We had the material. We knew we could do it, so we’re pitching our idea and the execs that were there at the time, they’re going, ‘You can’t compete on a worldwide level. This is a one-shot deal with ‘Dr. Beat.’ It was a phenomenon but, if you really want to cross over, you got to get rid of the percussion. You got to get rid of the horns. You got to change your name.’ And Emilio and I are looking at him going, ‘Really? That’s who we are,’” she says.

She knew MSM’s sound would work: “So, if that’s who we are, that’s who we want to be a success as, not water down our culture or our sound or our music just to try to be someone else.’ I go, ‘If I do that, and we’re a success, I’m not going to be happy the rest of my life. We know this going to work.’”

Her instincts proved correct: “‘Conga’ was the song that came through nationally for us in the States and, sure enough, it became one of our biggest-selling albums in history. We became a huge hit and put Miami, musically, on the map all over the world because our name was Miami Sound Machine,” she explains.

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Good for Gloria and Emilio for fighting to make their music the way they wanted to. I cannot imagine any of Miami Sound Machine’s music not having the percussion or drums! It’s what makes those songs timeless dance music. Weddings would be boring without that conga line! You know what they say: you can fight it every day but the rhythm is gonna get’cha. GONG. I’ll see myself out in just a minute.

Going back to the psychic thing, I don’t consider myself psychic at all but I do know exactly what she means when she says she just has that certainty about some things. I’ve always just thought it came from having a heightened sense of intuition or being more in tune with…whatever it is out there to be in tune with. I’ve never visited a psychic or had a tarot reading or anything like that, so I don’t know how all of that stuff works. I just completely understand what Gloria means when she says she gets feelings and just sometimes “knows” things. I hope she shares more of her of her psychic abilities in the future. I love hearing those types of stories.

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