Bride’s sis twerks on groom in ‘loyalty test’– if he gets aroused wedding’s off

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    This is the moment two women twerked on top of a man who was engaged to their sister – to see if he would 'cheat'.

    The clip of the wild 'loyalty test', which has begun circulating on social media, shows a man lying on the ground as one woman is seen squatting over him and twerking over his crotch. Another woman was seen standing over his face, repeatedly lifting her skirt to flash him.

    Apparently, the aim of the custom is to test whether the man would get an erection for another woman. If his member stands to attention, the wedding will apparently be cancelled.

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    X user Dom Lucre recently reshared the clip, which orignally went viral on Reddit in 2019, with the caption: "This is a practice in Namibia where a bachelor is seduced by the sisters of his bride. If he gets an erection, the marriage is canceled due to believing he will cheat on his wife."

    However, previous posts claim the ritual took place in Cameroon as YouTuber Edgar Obare shared the video, writing: "Traditional African wedding twerking dowry rituals in Cameroon.

    "It is reported that some communities in Cameroon practice this traditional African dowry rite, where the groom is danced on by the bride's sisters and if it gets up he will not be given the woman he intended to marry. Do you think you would pass this test?"

    Viewers were left stunned at the clip, which has gained more than 7.8million views on the most recent post. Many people took to the comments claiming the test would be impossible to pass.

    One user wrote: "The number of men married in Namibia is 0." Another added: "You know damn well a man started this tradition."

    A third commented: "Why the sister so talented tho?! She working extra hard to get end that marriage before it start." A fourth penned: "It’s his 15th failed wedding attempt."

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    However, some argue that it is not a tradition at all and that the video was actually recorded at a music festival. A user wrote: "The video was shot at the traditional stage at Nyege Nyege on a Saturday morning of the festival of 2019 in Jinja city, Uganda.

    "It has nothing to do with Namibia. The dancers are Singeli dancers from Dar es salaam, Tanzania. This is a traditional band from the Zaramo tribe."

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