Hold Up – Is Bianca Censori Secretly Mocking Kanye West With THESE Odd Fashion Statements?!

Is there more to the story behind Bianca Censori’s string of bizarre outfits as of late?

Perezcious readers know that ever since Kanye West and his wife got together, he instantly began transforming her look from head to toe, dressing her in increasingly provocative and odd ensembles. But Bianca has made quite the fashion statement recently. The 28-year-old went from wearing almost nothing to cuddling a massive stuffed animal in Dubai — a change that wasn’t lost on fans. And now she has continued the trend by carrying a giant blue push toy earlier this week! No, we’re not kidding. Stuffed objects have been the choice of accessory lately.

While one may think these recent looks are nothing more than another example of Kanye’s “controlling” ways, behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings has a different theory. Instead, she believes Bianca has been choosing to wear little to no clothing when she steps out — much to the frustration of the 46-year-old rapper. Hmm.

She theorized to The Sun on Thursday that Ye has been fighting with the Yeezy architectural designer about her ensembles and asking her to “cover up.” Rather than giving in to his demands entirely, though, Bianca opted to include the stuffed animals in her outfits.

Hemmings even thinks she’s hoping her ensembles will make her hubby look “foolish!” So she’s low-key mocking Ye? Whoa. The psychologist explained:

“There’s something very strange going on here. I don’t think Bianca is carrying around cushions and stuffed animals as a comfort blanket — this might be something someone might do in private but looks absurd in public. What I think is going on is that there has been a massive argument about what she wears, with the ever-controlling Kanye objecting to her skimpy outfits and telling her to cover up. She is clearly refusing to dress differently at his command, so she is making it screamingly obvious that she is doing her version of what he asked.”

So this is why we’ve been seeing her “covering herself up” with stuffed animals and pillows lately, Hemmings suggested. While that “might make her seem a bit ridiculous,” she pointed out that “it makes a complete mockery of his demands.” However, Hemmings noted all of this is not to say that Kanye didn’t have a hand in her massive makeover earlier this year! She recognizes the record producer has “influenced” her transformation. But she feels the Grammy winner suddenly changed his mind about how he wants Bianca to look in order to keep his control, and thus he no longer wants her to wear revealing clothing:

“Kanye is a very unpredictable man. His behavior is often erratic, and so his changing his mind about how he wants Bianca to dress is much more about exerting his control and power than it is about anything else. She did start changing the way she looked — quite radically at times, her hair, her clothes — presumably because he influenced her to do it.”

However, Hemmings pointed out that his control over her fashion may not have been enough for him:

“For someone who likes to control their partner, once they have achieved one goal, it is likely they will move onto another, seemingly random demand, just to maintain that power.”

Fans know we’ve seen this pattern from Kanye before — with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. He completely changed the 43-year-old reality star’s style during their relationship. Years later, Kanye then backtracked and hated how much skin Kim showed. Looking at his current “marriage” with Bianca, Hemmings said the fashion designer is following a very similar pattern with his new partner:

“He wants to mold Bianca — just like he did with Kim — into what he wants them to be, without respect for their independence. He’s insecure, and yes, he does want to own his women, he sees them as his property. He may well want other guys to desire his wife, but then get jealous when they do, so now he’s asking her to cover up. It was the same pattern with Kim and the ‘mother of his children’ comment was more about trying to justify his demands than anything else.”

And just like Kim, Bianca is now pushing back against Kanye’s demands to cover up in her own way. Although some may argue she appears to be uncomfortable holding the toy in public, Hemmings argues that she doesn’t come across that way at all in her eyes:

“She was taking back some control and hoping he would feel or look foolish. Maybe this is Bianca’s way of saying ‘enough is enough’ or indicating to the world what he is doing, perhaps to try to shock him into changing his behavior. This would seem to be a marriage where Kanye’s controlling behavior is being seriously challenged by a very determined Bianca.”

Hmm. She continued:

“She is doing what he wants by covering herself up, but making sure that she is doing it in her own very individual style statement. He probably hates , and she’ll say she is doing what he wants, so what’s the problem? There is some major trouble going on in this relationship, and I can only imagine the ferocity of the arguments going on behind closed doors as he recognizes that she’s not buying his demands.”

Perhaps this is the reason why Kanye and Bianca took a mini-break in their relationship? Have they been arguing over the Stronger artist changing his mind over her looks?

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Hemmings’ assessment? Or do you think Kanye has been the mastermind behind this recent plush toy outfit? Sound OFF in the comments below.

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