Emmerdale Nate’s revenge ‘sealed’ as Tracy’s steamy affair with Caleb ‘exposed’

Emmerdale's Nate Robinson "will take revenge over her wife's Tracy Robinson's racy affair with Caleb Dingle", according to AI.

Over the last few weeks, Tracy has been playing with fire as she continues her steamy affair with Nate's uncle, Caleb. Although she initially tried to resist temptation, newlywed Tracy gave in to her urges as she succumbed to Caleb's pressure.

Now that the pair can't seem to keep their hands off each other, AI has shared its take on whether Nate will take revenge on Caleb and his wife Tracy when he finally discovers the truth. And by the looks of it, he most likely will.

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AI said: "It is certainly possible that Nate will seek revenge on Tracy and Caleb after learning of their affair. Nate is a complex character with a history of anger issues, and he has been known to lash out when he feels betrayed.

"In this case, he may feel that Tracy has humiliated him and that Caleb has taken advantage of his trust. If Nate does decide to take revenge, it is likely to be something dramatic and public."

Offering an opposing view, AI predicts that Nate may decide to take the "high road". It continued: "He may try to sabotage their relationship, spread rumors about them, or even physically attack them. However, it is also possible that Nate will decide to take the high road and simply walk away from the situation.

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"He may realize that revenge will only make him feel worse, and that it is better to focus on moving on with his life. Ultimately, it is up to Nate to decide how he will react to this situation.

"However, based on his past behavior, it is likely that he will not take the news of Tracy and Caleb's affair lying down." It explained.

Since Caleb and Tracy's affair came to light, fans have been left unimpressed and confused by the pair's behaviour. So much so that they have taken to social media platform X formerly known as Twitter to complain.

One viewer previously wrote: "Can’t believe Caleb is sleeping with his nephew's wife hope Nate finds out dunks Tracy and punches Caleb. Caleb and Tracy are so disgusting."

While another fumed: "It takes Tracy years to forgive Nate, they finally reunite and then two mins later she's with Caleb? Sorry #Emmerdale but this affair was the wrong decision."

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV1 and ITVX at 7.30pm

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