It really feels like Brad Pitts Formula 1 movie is still lowkey filming in Europe

It’s wild to watch, in real time, as every Hollywood trade paper completely ignores Brad Pitt as he works through the strike. Pitt was still openly filming his Formula 1 movie in Europe for two weeks after the SAG-AFTRA strike was called in mid-July. Pitt’s people put out quotes that Pitt was a “good union member” and that he deserved a cookie for finally putting the film on hiatus well after the strike. Keep in mind, this movie is being produced by Apple, and it has not received any kind of waiver. While the production is mostly in Europe, Pitt (and several other cast members) are SAG-AFTRA union members. They’re scabbing and it’s an open-and-shut case.

Speaking of, there are some random internet reports that Pitt will be at the Italian Grand Prix (in Monza) from September 1-3. Very few people are talking about it, but it does appear as if he’ll attend the Formula 1 race and possibly film some scenes there. This is not the first report of Pitt quietly attending and filming at various European races in the past month. I guess we’ll see when the film comes out, what was filmed where and when people will begin to piece together just how thoroughly Pitt worked throughout the strike. The promotion for this film is going to be pretty wild next year.

Photos courtesy of Xavi Bonilla/Panoramic/Avalon.

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