EastEnders fans convinced Fatboy’s death was a hoax as Ricky Norwood makes shock return

EastEnders fans have been left convinced that much-loved character Fatboy didn't actually die in 2015, after he made his return to the soap.

Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb, played by Ricky Norwood, was killed in 2015 after being tragically crushed in a car.

Fatboy's death came after Ronnie Mitchell arranged for her arch-nemesis Vincent Hubbard to be killed, however, Fatboy ended up in the boot of the car that was crushed instead.

But almost a decade later, Fatboy has been seen on EastEnders once again.

After Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) made her shock return to the soap after 25 years – the former Walford favourite also made his return in a throwback scene.

Cindy came face-to-face with her ex George Knight (Colin Salom), with whom she shares two daughters, as she explained to him that she had been in witness protection.

Part of the episode saw a 'throwback' to 2014, when Cindy made a brief and unknown visit to the square as she watched her ex Ian grieve their daughters' death.

Her witness protection handler DCI Mary Nicholls then turned up and made Cindy get in her car.

They were then approached by Fatboy, who asked them the time and joked that he would be able to squeeze in a kebab before meeting his pals for a game of pool.

Given that Cindy was believed to have died in 1998, but was clearly still alive in 2014, EastEnders fans are convinced that the show could be paving the way for Fatboy to make his own comeback.

Some show viewers were certain that there was significance behind the soap bringing Fatboy back for the scene – wondering if witness protection officer DCI Mary Nicholls could have helped him a year on when he is believed to have 'died'.

EastEnders fans rushed to X, formerly known as Twitter, where they revealed their theories about a potential Fatboy return.

One wrote: "The thing is we did not see a body or blood just the car. I still think that he is on a witness protection thing as well and his comeback is going to be emotional."

A second said: "Fatboy back in Eastenders for a cameo! Did he really die in the car crushing? A possible return???" whilst a third wrote: "Sorry but #EastEnders bringing Fatboy back for a cameo must mean something????'

Another agreed: "Fatboy needs to come back permanently. We never saw the body. If Cindy can return so can Fatboy," as a fifth wrote: "Why else would they show Fatboy specifically if he wasn't going to meet Mary later for his own witness protection… he's alive, trust me.'

A sixth said: "A fatboy return is defo on the cards.. he's in witness protection."

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