Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne slam marriage speculation after cryptic posts and missing rings

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne have fiercely shot down reports that their marriage could be in trouble, after speculation began to swirl over their relationship following a series of cryptic social media posts.

The 30 year old former EastEnders actress and her husband ex- TOWIE star Dan, 32 have been dating for over ten years, but officially tied the knot in 2017 and together share two adorable daughters.

However despite the longevity of their relationship, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the couple, as their home life was previously tested to its limit following a series of cheating allegations that accused Dan of being unfaithful.

Jacqueline herself even admitted that at its worst she had needed to spend time away from the family home to process the accusations, however they were always able to overcome any tension and later reconciled.

Given their previous history, fans were quick to presume that something may be amiss in the couple’s marriage on Tuesday, when both Jacqueline and Dan shared a number of ‘cryptic’ social media posts that could have implied all was not well in their marriage.

The posts in question made reference to “loyalty” and being “tested by life’, something which many fans thought was alluding to marital issues.

Jacqueline was the first to spark concern among fans when she shared an inspirational quote about ‘loyalty’ and self worth on social media.

The post stated: "Girl, look at you. Everything that's happened in your life, you've f****** handled. You work hard, you are strong, you are ambitious, genuine and loyal. Anyone who doesn't value what you bring to the table doesn't deserve you. You are a Queen.".

Just moments later, Dan then shared a similarly eyebrow raising post, that read: "Why is life testing me so hard lately? I mean I'll survive but damn give me a break." And he added a caption of his own writing, asking: "Who else feeling like this….?”

Despite the concern of fans however, a spokesperson for the couple has laid any rumours to rest, as they confirmed to The Mirror, that there was “"no truth to it whatsoever, as Jac and Dan are as good as ever.”

The controversy came just hours after Jan had been forced to defend her marriage after fans had raised concerns about the fact neither she nor Dan were wearing their wedding bands.

She told The Sun : “We just never wear them. I just don’t wear it. If I’m going out or have a special event, I’ll wear it. But if not, I just always forget. It’s also a bit tight. Because, you know, I used to be skinny and now I’m not.

"And Daniel’s is too big because he’s skinny. And obviously he goes to the gym every single day without fail and trains and does weights. Obviously you can’t wear any jewellery. That is not my excuse though because I don’t go to the gym enough for that to be my excuse."

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