Not So Blindsided?? Summer House's Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard Were In Counseling Before Breakup!

Sounds like Lindsay Hubbard shouldn’t have been completely shocked by her breakup! There was already trouble in paradise…

After Carl Radke shockingly broke up with his fiancée while filming Summer House earlier this month, sources came out of the woodwork to share how “blindsided” the reality star was by the sudden split. They were supposed to tie the knot in November, after all. Eventually Lindsay wrote a lengthy post about how shocked and devastated she was by the breakup — claiming she had no idea why it was happening. But that may not be true…

It turns out they were actively working on issues in their relationship well before the drama became public knowledge! According to an insider who spoke with Us Weekly on Monday, the couple was in counseling for “fundamental issues” in their relationship. They explained “Carl had major fundamental issues before the wedding and wanted to take an honest look at them,” adding:

“They had actually seen a counselor. But Carl didn’t think it was a good way to start their forever together.”

While it may not be the picture-perfect way to enter a marriage, couples counseling isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Unfortunately, Carl didn’t see it that way.

So, why’d he call it quits anyway? We’ve all been dying to know! It turns out the biggest challenge in the romance revolved around his sobriety. The source dished:

“Sobriety was a big issue for him. Lindsay had become sober, but then incorporated drinking back into her lifestyle.”

Carl’s been alcohol-free since January 2021, and his partner had been showing solidarity for his journey by also laying off the bottle from the end of 2021 to the spring of 2022. But last year, she started to drink again — which wasn’t a problem at first.

Carl told Us in February that he “fully” supported the 37-year-old “having a glass of wine with her aunt or having a Loverboy with whomever.” But we guess his feelings changed recently! The source noted:

“He was nervous about their future together without figuring things out. Things were not resolved between Carl and Lindsay as the wedding was approaching.”

That said, the source tried to push some of the blame off him, adding:

“His intention was not to break up with her, he only wanted to address their relationship and it went south. It wasn’t supposed to be a breakup, but it escalated.”

That’s an understatement!

But if it wasn’t supposed to be a breakup, why did it turn into one? Lindsay has already said it wasn’t her “decision” to split and that she does “not agree with quitting a relationship (at this level) without trying everything possible first.” Hmm…

Since ending the engagement, the exes “haven’t spoken” but they have “communicated via text through friends” as “things had to be dealt with around the wedding fallout.” Oof. We wouldn’t want to be involved in those awkward convos! Especially since they seemingly haven’t been on the same page AT ALL!

Take the email Carl wrote to their wedding guests, for example. The source said “the email he sent was an issue with her” but they urge “Carl has said he did not blindside her” with it, despite reports.

Innerestingly, Lindsay decided to continue on with her bachelorette party plans in the Bahamas over the weekend — using the once-celebratory trip to soak up the love from her “sisterhood.” Posting a snap from the vacation, she wrote on Monday:

“I didn’t know this amount of love could exist in one photo. I feel completely overwhelmed by my best friends, and their friendship, love, and strength. The way these girls have rallied around me the last 3 weeks, held my hand, sat in showers and cried with me, picked me up, never left my side, never let me feel alone, and then took me on a trip – that was originally planned for completely different reasons – and yet still carried on with this trip because it became more important. I’m beyond blessed and thankful for every single one of these girls. This is a story about sisterhood, and I could not do life without them.”

A post shared by Lindsay Hubbard (@lindshubbs)

Very sweet!

It’s clearly been a tumultuous time for them… Sad to see they couldn’t work their issues out before getting to this point. Reactions? Let us know (below)!

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