James Marsden Celebrates 50th Birthday With Star-Studded L.A. Party

James Marsden‘s 50th birthday bash took the cake — literally — with a candlelit dessert featuring a throwback photo of the star in his modeling days.

The Emmy-nominated actor and a bunch of other celebs piled into the Sheats-Goldstein Residence in L.A. Monday to celebrate Marsden’s milestone.

Bold-faced names included Tessa Thompson, Woody Harrelson, Natasha Lyonne, Ben Barnes and Aaron Paul. Ronald Gladden, who costarred with Marsden on the popular Amazon Freevee show “Jury Duty,” also made a cameo.

The main attraction wasn’t Marsden himself — but, instead, the picture of him as a handsome young model plastered on the Bday cake.

The black and white image of Marsden was surrounded by gold candles with “Happy 50th Birthday JAMES!” inscribed underneath.

Marsden later posted several snapshots of the fancy cake on Instagram, along with a video showing him blowing out the candles as everyone sang, “Happy Birthday.”

Partygoers also got to drink like sailors thanks to Casamigos — the tequila company that threw the party. The “James Birthday Cocktails” list showcased a cucumber jalapeño margarita, a passion fruit margarita and casa ranch water.

Fun night! Congrats James!!

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