Kate reassures William in ‘clever way’ through ‘prolonged gazes’ and ‘subtle smiles’

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, regularly reassures her husband Prince William when they're out on official engagements in public, according to a body language expert.

The savvy behaviourist has opened up on witnessing the "strength" in the royal couple's relationship, especially as the family marked the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's death today, September 8.

Expert Darren Stanton, who was sharing his thoughts on behalf of Slingo, noticed that the prince and princess, both 41, subconsciously "mirror" each other when they speak and move in public, as well as portraying an "unmatchable bond".

He also noted that as the couple were out in public for the anniversary today, it was clear they were choosing not to be "overly affectionate".

What's more, Darren observed that the couple were resorting to "strong eye contact" to communicate their thoughts and feelings instead.

"The strength in Kate and William’s relationship is displayed through the way they subconsciously mirror each other," the body language expert explained.

"You’ll notice that here they are matching and mirroring each other’s gestures, from the way they hold themselves, throwing their shoulders back, to the way they walk in unison and even hold their hands out in front of them.

"Mirroring is a clear indication of the strength of a connection and the deep level of rapport between two people.

"Such body language suggests that Kate and William share an unmatchable bond and have complete solidarity within their relationship."

Darren went on: "We've seen that William and Kate aren’t overly affectionate with no hand holding, and reassuring touches on each other’s arms and backs.

"This is a part of Royal protocol and it's basically all about the decorum and the nature of this event especially, since it would be seen as disrespectful to the late Queen. It wouldn't be appropriate for them to be over the top with affection.

"They could have even been told by the King to be respectful in public or they have taken the initiative. The eyes are a window to the soul."

Going on to say that Kate and William regularly communicate through eye contact when they can't be "as physical with each other," Darren noted that the princess especially will be keeping an eye on her husband's state of mind at such a poignant time.

"Today they will be showing they are there for each other through their prolonged eye gazes and subtle smiles," the expert said.

"She'll want to be checking in on how William is feeling, and that is a clever way to do so by reassuring him that she is there 100 per cent for him.

Darren added: "She'll also know if he isn't ok by looking at William's facial expressions too."

Kate and William visited St David's Cathedral to commemorate the life of the Queen on the first anniversary of her death.

They were greeted by 100s of well-wishers upon their arrival, as the royal couple showed each other support on their way into the cathedral to attend a special service.

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