Kelsey Parker defends romance with boyfriend jailed for manslaughter as she slams ‘ridiculous’ criticism

Followers of devoted mum Kelsey Parker were left concerned earlier last year after news emerged that she'd struck up a romantic connection with former jailbird Sean Boggans, just months after her husband Tom Parker had passed away. He was just 33 when he died in March 2022 following his 2020 diagnosis with glioblastoma [an aggressive brain tumour].

Naturally Kelsey has found herself feeling lonely at times – particularly in the evenings when the children have gone to bed. Seeking comfort and companionship, she began a relationship with builder Sean, who she met at a wedding last summer.

Sean was previously found guilty of manslaughter, a charge he denied, by a jury at the Old Bailey on 17 September 2013.

Whilst the mother-of-three, 33, maintained her silence amid their rumoured romance, Kelsey this week tells OK! she's brushing off public opinion on her personal life as best she can.

Speaking of the unsolicited criticism she's been subjected to about her new relationship, and about moving on too quickly in some people's eyes following the death of The Wanted singer, she says: "I’ve sort of put myself in a position where people are entitled to opinions. I just think 'Let people have their opinions'.

"There’s no handbook on grief or how to be a widow. It’s just ridiculous. Everybody is different and we were taught that throughout Tom’s treatment."

While it was reported that she and Sean split in April, Kelsey tells us they’re "still on really good terms" and "see each other a lot".

"Sean’s been amazing in this whole situation because he comes from a different place," she says. "We’re still seeing each other.”

Addressing whether or not they're romantically involved for the time-being, Kelsey insists: "I don’t know. It’s a progression really. Who knows where it will lead…".

Nevertheless, it’s clear Sean has helped Kelsey through some hard moments and feelings of isolation in times when her family and friends aren’t around her.

"Sean’s been there for me when other people can’t be there for me," she says. "He’s been absolutely amazing. He doesn’t treat me like a widow – he treats me like a normal person and I’m grateful for that."

However, she is keen to stress one thing: "Tom is irreplaceable. There will never be another Tom Parker in my life."

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