King Charles 'Won't Turn His Back On' Disgraced Prince Andrew – Welcomes Him Back Into Family With Prince William's Help!

It looks like Prince Andrew is still trying to crawl his way back into the royal family — and it’s working?

He may no longer be a working royal, but he’s still family… That’s at least what it seems like King Charles’ stance is on associating with his disgraced younger brother. Of course, Andrew was forced to give up his royal responsibilities in 2020 because of his association with known sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. But the comeback story may just be in motion right now according to this new report…

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The King apparently invited Prince Andrew to join senior members of the royal family on their August vacation to the Scottish Highlands. That’s a yearly trip which was made tradition by the late Queen Elizabeth. But don’t take it as a sign the Duke of York’s royal roles are being reinstated… yet…

A close source to the King told the Daily Beast on Monday:

“Andrew won’t ever have the same ceremonial role within the family; he is no longer and never will be a working royal. That is clear. But he is part of the family. He is the king’s brother. He has not been found guilty of any crime, and I think it’s fair to say that the king is making it clear that he won’t turn his back on his brother.”

As you’ll likely recall, the 63-year-old was accused of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre, whose suit alleged she was trafficked by Epstein and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew at just 17 years old. However, they settled last year with the Prince making a “substantial donation” to Giuffre’s charity. That came just one month after the late Queen Elizabeth officially stripped his royal and military roles.

Despite the royal siblings AND Prince William reportedly being “embarrassed” by Prince Andrew, it looks like they’re taking him to church for a bit of repentance… which the Lord knows he needs.

In photos obtained by multiple outlets, Prince William and Princess Catherine can be seen driving the former royal to a church service in Scotland on Sunday. That, royal historian Andrew Lownie points out, could be a purposely strategic move.

Lownie told the Daily Beast:

“The family have been using the Prince and Princess of Wales to get them out of trouble a lot lately, and once again, they are doing the heavy lifting here, fixing problems not of their creation.”

He added that Prince William and his uncle’s relationship has “never been good,” but that the latter had to “put his objections aside” for the important event:

“This was clearly a very important event, and William’s had to put aside his objections to agree to be in a car with him when they knew it was going to be filmed is an extraordinary development. Until now, the family have been trying to distance themselves from Andrew, but Sunday’s ballet suggests that there’s been a change of strategy.”

We don’t love seeing Prince Andrew back in tight with the royal family after being associated with so much ICK. Ya know?!

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