Tom Brady Finds Irina Shayk's Co-Parenting With Bradley Cooper 'Really Attractive'!

Unbothered AF!

Tom Brady “is not one bit jealous” of Irina Shayk‘s touchy relationship with her ex Bradley Cooper!

As you may have seen, Irina and Bradley were spotted in Venice, Italy earlier this week while on a family vacation with their 6-year-old daughter, Lea. In pics captured by paps, the co-parents looked very friendly with each other as Bradley had his hands all over his ex throughout the day! The model even posted several topless snaps to her Instagram — and then shared a shirtless photo of the actress to her Story! So she definitely wasn’t hiding her time with Brad!

Naturally, we all wondered how the ex-NFL player was feeling after those photos dropped — but we guess we had no reason to be worried! According to a new source who spoke to on Monday, the 46-year-old “loves” that Irina can co-parent so amicably with Bradley because he, too, is a “family man.”

The insider, who is described as being close to the situation, said Tom “respects” Irina and finds her more “attractive” now that he knows she’s able to peacefully raise her daughter with her ex — something he’s very used to since he shares Vivian, 10, and Benjamin, 13, with his recent ex-wife Gisele Bündchen and Jack, 16, with Bridget Moynahan.

The confidant added:

“Tom thinks it is great that Irina has a co-parenting relationship with Bradley because Tom has his own co-parenting relationships with Gisele and Bridget, so he is not jealous one bit when Irina hangs out with Bradley and their child.”

They continued:

“Tom actually loves seeing it because Tom is such a family man, he knows what Irina is going through and respects her even more being a mother and dealing with all of that, because it isn’t easy. It is actually attractive to Tom to see how strong of a woman and wonderful mom she is, he respects it.”


The new lovebirds are also “doing great” as the romance heats up and have “no drama” when it comes to spending time with their exes. Sounds like they have a really healthy relationship so far! The source concluded:

“ will never be a cause of concern. Tom is eating it all up, loves it, totally cool with it, it is as normal as possible.”

No issues at all?? So refreshing!

Innerestingly, sources previously told the outlet the Silver Linings Playbook alum is “bothered” by the athlete and fashionista’s romance! Hah! So, we guess it’s just Tom who doesn’t mind sharing Irina! Ya know?!

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