Madonna faces huge fine after breaking key rule during Celebration Tour gig

Madonna’s Celebration Tour kicked off Saturday night and has received rave reviews, despite minor problems with the stage.

However, the Like a Virgin hitmaker appears to have upset O2 Arena, where she held her Sunday gig, after she over-ran, leaving fans devastated when the concert was cut short.

The singer, 65, was due to finish her show at 10.30 pm but it over-ran until 11 pm when it finished abruptly, missing out four songs on her setlist.

It’s believed the show was cut short because it ran over the venue’s curfew, which states that events in the arena finish no later than 11 pm Monday to Saturday and no later than 10.30 pm on Sunday.

Madonna is believed to reportedly be facing a £300k ($365k) fine, according to The Sun.

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This is due to curfew rules from TfL and arena operators AEG proclaiming fines of £10,000 ($12k) a minute.

However, according to MailOnline, Greenwich Council has said its midnight curfew was not broken and that it does not intend to investigate the breach.

Despite cutting her show short, Madonna still overran by 30 minutes, meaning fans were at risk of missing the last tube home.

Madonna also reportedly finished Sunday’s gig on Rain, missing out on her hit Like a Virgin, among others.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, fans vented their frustration at the singer who they claim could have finished the show if she appeared on stage earlier.

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@VertigoTheatreP said: “@Madonna get on stage on time, especially in London with the curfew.

“You can not be charging 1000s for tickets then doing part of the show.”

@CjLakin added: “@Madonna what a beautiful concert, even after she was late on stage. Disappointed that the show was cut short and really gutted about the ending.”

@BitterOldQween commented: “Very mixed feelings about #MadonnaCelebrationTour last night. The show we got was great but it started late and therefore we were robbed of a final/encore.

“Rain was a terrible song to end on and I left feeling deflated. Not what I and the fans paid for.”

Saturday’s gig also wasn’t without fault as the concert was reportedly taken to a screeching halt just after the fourth song when technical problems surfaced.

The Celebration Tour takes Madonna through Europe until December 6, when she returns to London’s O2 Arena for two more shows.

The pop superstar then heads to North America on December 13 with three shows at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The tour was originally scheduled to kick off in North America in June but she was forced to postpone the shows after she was hospitalized with a serious bacterial infection.

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