MIT Free Speech Advocate Says Calling for Genocide of Jews Not Same as KKK Threats

Presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn are on the hot seat after telling Congress they have reservations about banning calls for Jewish genocide, and the Executive Director of the MIT Free Speech Alliance seems to agree with them.

Peter Bonilla appeared on “TMZ Live” Friday, and he said Liz Magill, the President of Penn, was wrong to walk back her position and suggest censorship was appropriate when it came to calling for Jewish genocide.

Bonilla says it opens the door to all sorts of censorship. Harvey then posed a hypothetical question … what if students who were members of the KKK protested with burning crosses and called for the genocide of Black people?  Bonilla said that’s a different situation, and they should be banned and/or disciplined.

The question … what’s the difference? Bonilla talks about the fact there’s dangerous history with the KKK, but Harvey notes there’s also history with Jews.

The Congressional testimony has triggered a firestorm of controversy, with some calling for the resignation of the 3 university presidents, and some major donors have threatened to pull their donations unless the presidents are gone.

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