Tyson Fury sympathises with Paris’ boxing worries as he says he could be ‘killed’ in ring

Tyson Fury has sympathised with wife Paris over her concerns for his safety every time he enters a boxing ring.

The world heavyweight champion boxer, 35, admits he looks death right between the eyes every time he fights – with the fighter 13 years and 11 months into his professional boxing career.

With an incredible record of 33 wins and one draw in his time in the ring, Tyson tried to step away from the sport in 2022 – but found himself back in the ring after suffering with his mental health.

Now, he's heading to Saudi Arabia to fight Francis Ngannou in one of the biggest crossover fights in history – which Paris is less than enthused about.

Paris' feelings towards Tyson's boxing career were well documented in the family's Netflix show, At Home with the Furys.

In the show, the 33 year old housewife spoke of wanting The Gypsy King to walk away from the sport before he got seriously hurt – talking about the the turmoil she goes through every time he puts on the gloves and enters the ring.

In Tyson's autobiography, Behind the Mask, he recalled about how Paris wiped off her makeup and cried for three hours straight after seeing him knocked down twice in his first fight with Deontay Wilder.

But despite this, Tyson continued to box professionally – due to the impact retirement had on his mental health.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Tyson has sympathised with his wife and suggested he'd be a "nervous wreck" if she was knowingly putting herself in danger again and again.

He said: "It must be horrible knowing your husband can be killed in a fight and you've got six kids, seven in a minute, to look after on your own. That's got to be nerve wracking.

"If Paris was going into something and I knew she could die at any moment in time, I would be nervous to. So, pretty daunting task looking death right between the two eyes every time you climb into a boxing ring."

But the couple speak about their worries and concerns, and acknowledge the risks going into each fight.

This doesn't mean Tyson will be hanging up his gloves any time soon- however – as the star admits it's "something I like to do so the ball keeps rolling", even though he's "got too much to lose".

Tyson said previously that he lost sight of his "purpose" after retiring from boxing after his victory with Dillian Whyte in April 2022.

The boxer, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD as an adult, then came back to the ring to fight Derek 'War' Chisora and said he would continue boxing until he couldn't do it any more.

When asked about this claim, Tyson told the Daily Mail "it's no secret that my mind changes like the wind or the weather – in the UK anyway".

He added: "One minute I am here and the next minute I am retired. Who knows."

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