White TikToker Goes Viral After Showing Off 'Slavery-Themed' Bathroom Decor! WTF?!

You’re going to need to sit down for this one.

Viral TikTok influencer and artist Hannah Polskin, a white woman, has gone viral after showing off what users on the app are calling out as a “slavery-themed” bathroom… We WISH this was an exaggeration.


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In a since-deleted video, Hannah gave her 44.5 thousand followers a tour of the bathroom in question, which features a collection of items that feel more and more racist as you go: a photo of boxer Muhammad Ali (inspiring), African tribal masks (eccentric), an afro pick (way odd for a white woman), and worst of all, a toilet paper holder made of chains (WTF).

TikToker @maryjblogs said the design choice was “some of the craziest s**t” she’d ever seen on the app, giving her own followers a glimpse of the controversial bathroom in a stitch:

The interior design girlies havs strayed so far from the plot. Bc Omg? Shackled tp is crazy. #interiordesign #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen

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A second TikToker, @sarahbearaahh, added in her own video:

“How do you make your bathroom slavery themed??? How do you go through that process and think “Yes. This is the vision” ???”

She added in her caption she thought users were “reaching” — until she saw it for herself. Same, girl!

I thought yall were reaching and then I saw it and I- what????????#iykyk #interiordesign #interiordecorating #trend #bathroom

♬ Say Yes To Heaven – Sped Up – Lana Del Rey

A third, @jpgeez, analyzed the video asking, “Did someone ask you to style the bathroom like this?” Adding:

“I think the thing I’m wondering about and, I would imagine most people are wondering about, would be the toilet paper holder with the choice of the rest of the decor. You know, separate, not really an issue, but together, interesting.”

#greenscreen #greenscreenvideo @Hannah Polskin just curious ????

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Commenters agreed over how controversial the design is:

“How Can someone call someone’s pain their interior design?! The f is going on!? What message did she wanted to send?!”

“the chain toilet paper was the last straw”

“i thought it would just be a southern bathroom or something i was not expecting that”

“so many choices had to be consciously made to lead to that”

“The messed up part is her caption “one thing about me is I’ll focus on the detail”

As of now, it does not appear that Hannah has addressed the controversy. If she’s trying to make some kind of artistic statement, it isn’t coming across — largely perhaps as she doesn’t feel like the appropriate person to make it. Right now, this whole bathroom setup has a stink to it — and it isn’t something potpourri could fix.

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