Everyone can see garbage in the trash can but only those with 20/20 vision can find the lottery ticket in 15 seconds | The Sun

THROWING a winning lottery ticket in the trash is among the worst fears for gamblers.

This mindbending puzzle is set to leave readers scrambling as they’ve been challenged to find the ticket within 15 seconds.

But, the puzzle’s creators Minimum Deposit Casinos have made the task even harder as the trash can has been packed to the brim.

Inside are items ranging from cans to screws, a camera, clothes, and even batteries.

The trash can has been filled with items commonly seen around the home, from newspapers to rolls of tape.

Can you find the lottery ticket before the time runs out?

Readers might be able to boast that they have the eyes of a hawk if they can find the ticket.

It will be a particularly impressive feat as solving the riddle takes around one minute.

One in five players is said to have become so frustrated by the puzzle that they’ve thrown in the towel and given up the ghost.

Scroll down to the bottom of this article for the solution if you’re struggling to find the missing ticket.

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Did you find the ticket within the time?Credit: Minimum Deposit Casinos
Can you find the image hiding in this picture that appears to show a dog and bone?Credit: themindsjournal.com

If you like a good brainteaser then the U.S. Sun is the place to be.

This puzzle featuring a dog and a bone is more complicated than what first meets the eye.

You may be able to say your mind is sharper than most if you can spot the dog’s owner.

But, readers face a race against time as they only have 12 seconds to find the hidden image.

And titling your cell phone or looking at an angle could pave the way to finding the solution.

The puzzle will undoubtedly send viewers barking mad as they rush to complete it.

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