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AN EXPERT has revealed what dreams about infidelity could actually mean – so is there a reason to be worried?

A lot of what we dream about is believed to be a stream of our subconscious thoughts – which is why it's totally understandable you'd be alarmed to find our your second half has dreamt about someone else in their sleep.

This has also been suggested by how society feels about this, as recent research from Amerisleep found that almost 30 per cent men and women think that dreaming of cheating indicates their love interest has feelings for someone else, Tyla reported.

A total of 23 per cent also admitted to having had dreams in the last 12 months where they had been unfaithful to their significant other, or had been cheated on themselves.

However, if you're amongst one of them, there's no need to worry, as an expert has revealed that such dreams might, in fact, carry a totally different meaning.

Lauri Loewenberg, a dream analyst and member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, told Women's Health: “In my research and experience, I have found the main reason you cheat in your dreams is because – deep down – you have guilt or concern about something you’re doing that is taking away from the time you should be putting into the relationship.”

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Another meaning behind this is that your dream is trying to tell you you're cheating on yourself – and there are more than one explanations.

These range from skipping the gym and being healthy when you've promised that 2023 is going to be the year, or simply not sticking to your core values and morals whatever they are.

The whizz also believes this may mean you're not fulfilled in your sex life with your second half.

Lauri went on: “The quality or lack of sex can be part of the dynamic the dream is commenting on.”

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According to research, a staggering 30 percent to 60 percent of married couples will cheat at least once in their marriage.

Whilst analysing the data, Lauri also found that, in some cases, cheating dreams can reveal true anxieties the person's dealing with, such as repeating past behaviours where you've been cheated on before – or you've been the one slipping.


The dream analyst suggests learning what it is that you are seeking or feeling that your life is lacking, and seeing if you can spot traits of this in your dreams.

Speaking of cheating, a recent survey by The Sun found that a whopping one in five men admit to having cheated on their significant other.

Eight per cent of them shared it's not been a one-off, with five or more affairs.

According to research, people are most likely to cheat with a mate, someone they work with or a person they've matched with on a dating app or social media.

Finding out you've been cheated on is heart-breaking and can destroy trust almost instantly – but it is possible to rebuild the broken relationship.

Here, Dear Deidre reported, communication is key – and external help, such as couple counselling, can be a useful tool too.

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 Contact Relate, or the Dear Deidre team can help. 

More information is available in our Your Man Cheating on You? and Cheating – Can you get over it? support packs. 

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