I bought Temu wedding dresses for less than £30 each – one was a top contender but another left my Spanx totally exposed | The Sun

IT may not be the first place you think of for wedding dresses.

But one woman decided to see whether or not Temu has what it takes for a budget gown that still wows guests.

She purchased four dresses from the controversial app – all offering different styles, and all less than £30 each.

She then tried them on in a video on her TikTok page, and admitted that she had mixed feelings about the first one.

"Would you buy a wedding dress from Temu?" she began, before popping on the first option – an off-the-shoulder white lace cocktail-length dress.

"I think this is super cute," she began.

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"I got this in a 3XL, but I would probably go up to a 4XL, as it's a little tight."

She added that while didn't think she would like the dangly sleeves, she actually did.

But there was one problem with the dress, namely that it was a "little shorter" than she would have liked.

In fact, it was so short that it actually showed the control underwear she was wearing underneath.

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"But I think this is so pretty," she concluded.

Next up was a "more modest" dress – a high-neck white lace midi dress, with long sleeves.

"I think this is so cute," she said.

"I love that you get the cut out right here," she added, referring to the fact could see the neckline of the fabric underneath.

"But you're still covered and you're still modest.

"I love the sleeves, I love that they're like the three quarter inch.

"I'm gonna keep this dress, and probably dye it a different colour, so I can still use it."

The third one was a "top contender", she said, as she modelled the V-neck dress which featured floral detailing on the fabric and even came with a train.

"Please keep in mind I'm not wearing the right support for, like, a wedding dress," she said.

"But could you just even imagine?

"I love this so much."

But despite insisting that the third one was her top contender, she then admitted that the fourth dress was her favourite.

The simple gown featured an off-the-shoulder neckline, with a plunging V back and ribbed detailing on the bodice.

"Look at how beautiful this is," she gushed, adding that she was definitely keeping the gown.

"This is so flattering!"

"After all that, would you buy a wedding dress from Temu?" she concluded.

But the majority of people int he comments weren't convinced by the haul, with one writing: "I think you can do much better.

"They all look a little cheap."

"Hard no on all four," another added.

"SO unflattering," a third insisted.

"Be for real that first one is awful!"

"I feel like people should be honest when ask for their opinion"someone else commented.

"It’s a hard no on all of them."

Others defended the woman and her haul, however.

"Why are ppl hatin?" one asked.

"That third one was perfect! The train! Im not spend 5k+ for a dress to never wear again!

"Damn why so much hate saying it's cheap," another wrote.

"Got my wedding dress for 30 bucks had a small wedding and we were able to buy our house the same year!

"These are all so perfect for those brides that want a wedding but can’t afford $1,000-$3,000 wedding dresses!!" a third agreed.

As someone else wrote: "I got my wedding dress on shein and it was beautiful!"

"Absolutely beautiful I'm in shock!" another admitted.

"I need to order, Temu here I come!"

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