Inside doomsday town of 575 ultra-lux apocalypse-ready bunkers for world’s ‘Plan B’ – and you can book your place now | The Sun

A DOOMSDAY town is looking for residents to live in its luxurious bunkers that are on standby for when "all hell breaks loose".

The community can reportedly house up to 10,000 people in its 575 bunkers which are kitted out for all eventualities.

Deep in the Black Hills mountain range in South Dakota, US, you’ll find a former army base stretched across 18 miles that was used to store bombs and munitions from 1942 to 1967.

The base has since been transformed into liveable bunkers aimed at providing an "epic humanitarian survival project" – and it’s not just for the top 1%.

“Average people” can now reserve their spot for “when all hell breaks loose”.

“Vivos, now known as an epic humanitarian survival project, is fully prepared for whatever and whenever events may unfold,” Dante Vicino, the executive director of the business, told

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“Our members are neither "preppers" nor the "elite 1%", but rather well-educated, average people with a keen awareness of the current global events and a sense of responsibility knowing they must care for and protect their families during these potentially epic and catastrophic times.

“Their economic profile is also diverse from lower middle-class incomes to high-net-worth individuals.

“Vivos is the plan B backup plan for their life assurance when all hell breaks loose – they view Vivos as a solution when it is needed.

“When everyone else is scrambling for a solution, our members will journey to their designated shelter, joined by hundreds of like-minded people, all prepared to lock the blast door and ride out whatever threats may be going on above.”

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Their shelters are reportedly outfitted for a minimum of one year of autonomous operation without people needing to return to the surface.

He said: “As a result of the current Covid threat, the Ukrainian war and the ripple of subsequent consequences, the demand for Vivos has exponentially grown.

“People are sensing that WW3 is about to break loose, from Russia to China, and the Middle East.

“We are living in very dangerous times, making the need to have a life-assurance shelter solution a must-have, for those who want to survive these extinction-level events, and to have the opportunity to emerge safely thereafter on the other side.”

The modern bunkers in Vivos Xpoint are furnished and filled with any necessities you may need in an open-plan space.

These include a gym, a cinema and even pet cages.

The lounge comes with sofas, a rug and a coffee table, while the kitchen provides a fridge freezer, microwave, oven, washing machine, and a dining table.

In terms of beds and baths, there are four different types to choose from.

Plan A comes with four twin rooms, one double bedroom and one bathroom.

Plan B comes with four twin rooms, one double bedroom, one bathroom and one wet room.

Plan C offers two twin rooms, one double bedroom, one master bedroom with an en suite and one bathroom.

Lastly, plan D provides eight single bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Dante said: “Inquiries and applications are up over 2,000% year over year, plus sales are up over 300% and growing exponentially.

“Everyone seems to be jumping off the fence and wanting an immediate survival solution.

“Construction of a new bunker complex can take 9 to 12 months depending on scale, location and availability of materials and labour.

“Vivos is not merely about concrete, steel and blast doors.

“It is about having a backup plan for mankind to survive and for families to have the opportunity to potentially be part of a like-minded community as these events unfold.”

The compound in the US is called Vivos Xpoint, but the company is also building Vivos Europa, located in a mountain in Germany.

It comes as the threat of World War Three appears to be a "very real possibility."

Grigory Yavlinsky wants to make it clear that Vladimir Putin’s threats of nuclear Armageddon between the East and West are "serious".

Putin's months of rambling threats of nuclear war means the spectre of the mushroom cloud still looms heavily across Europe and beyond.

Yavlinsky, a former Soviet-era power broker and founder of Russia's last liberal party, told The Sun Online: "Taking into account the size of the threat of nuclear war – this is all so serious."

Putin is emerging from the instability of an attempted coup, and the danger of a weakened Vlad "must be taken into account".

The "threat" isn't just for Ukraine, he warned, but a nuclear apocalypse "between the East and West".

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