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A SKINCARE expert has divided opinions after revealing the lengthy beauty routine she does before going to sleep.

Tyson Salomon (@bbgrltyson) routinely posts videos embracing the “slugging” trend which involves putting thick layers of cosmetics onto the skin in the hopes of keeping skin smooth and soft.

She towel-dried her hair before starting to share the secret to her glowing appearance following demand from her over 230,000 TikTok followers.

She said: “Get ready with me this is my nighttime beauty sleep routine. I’m starting with an alcohol prep pad because we need to clean our phones, they are disgusting.

“Okay, I have two brushes. Bristles and then a wet brush.

“I don’t really use shampoo, I usually just use leave-in conditioner and this is how I do it, just on the ends. 

"I use the brand It's A 10 from CVS. 

“I’m prepping the foundation, clean the ears, pick the nose, and pluck the unibrow.”

Tyson covered her face and upper body in a toner and then applied a Cosmetix sheet face mask. She continued the beauty regimen by rubbing a homemade beauty balm all over her body.

She said: “I’m really thinking about making it for other people because it’s amazing. It moves on you like a slug.

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“We slug the whole thing check it out. I even do like a little lymphatic drainage with it and I just keep going.

“And then I’m going to put a big shirt on and I have these really thin, comfy sweatpants.

“Lastly these are my sleeping slippers. 

“After I put my personal body balm on I’m going to put on healing ointment from the brand Cerave, it’s not very good for you but I like extra soft feet. 

“Make sure you wash your hands between touching your body and going back to your face.”

Tyson lightly slapped her face after removing the sheet face mask to “push all the products in.”

She then applied a serum from Osmosis Rescue to her face and IS Clinical moisturizer.

She said: “I got really into self-care at such a young age. I remember when I was in seventh grade I slept over at my best friend Elenor’s house.

“I used this Nars radiant cream with gel moisturizer and I remember waking up in the morning and being like I look better, I look amazing.

“I have to use this cream every day.

“I think that’s when my love for self-care and beauty started.

“I don’t think any one product is good. What works on my skin as far as moisturizer or face wash that’s for my skin.

“Everyone is different but the way you apply product and the order, the love you put into it is really what matters.”

Applying Susanne Kaufmann’s eye cream, she continued: “Always use your ring finger because it’s the most delicate finger and this is the most delicate part of your face.

“You can also go over your lips because apparently it’s similar skin. I used to smoke and we need to make sure those lines aren’t there.

“A little Laneige moment,” she said while applying the brand’s sleeping mask for lips.

She continued: “And then I’m going to go in with a little sea enzyme mister. And we are buttered up.”

Tyson’s beauty routine went viral with over 9 million views but not all commenters were impressed as many admitted they would struggle to sleep with so many products on their skin.

One person wrote: “I can’t do that I’d be overstimulated with all that lotion on me and then my clothes sticking to it.”

Another commented: “Man I’d slide right outta bed with all that. But I think self-care is amazing and appreciate the tutorial.”

A third said: “Unless you have good genetics all this work and expense is for nothing.”

A fourth added: “I’d love to do this but my skin can’t handle this amount of products.”

Another said: "No way I could do this and then sleep. Just the whole wetness and stickiness would drive me insane."

Others were delighted with the beauty routine and admitted they were eager to try it for themselves.

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One said: “You have the most perfect skin I’ve ever seen.”

Another wrote: “I want to say you’re overdoing it but girl the proof is in the pudding your skin looks bomb.”

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