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HANDS up if you're reluctant to use Velcro rollers because you're worried about them getting stuck.

Well, a hair stylist named Matt has shared his top tip so you'll never need to worry about your locks getting all tangled up in them again.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@mattloveshair), he can be showing his social media users how not to apply hair rollers, before sharing the correct way to use them instead.

"Don't put so much hair on your roller that it's all coming off the sides," he explains.

"This is going to give you a messy style and it could get tangled."

Sharing his helpful advice, the hair whizz continues: "The section of hair should match the diameter size of the roller for a clean, easy roll."


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Matt captioned the post: "Do your hair rollers get tangled, or turn out messy?

"You might be overloading too much hair on each roller."


The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 128k views and hundreds of comments from beauty fans up and down the country, with many quick to commend Matt on sharing his expertise.

"I learn so much from you – thank you!" praised one.

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A second noted: "Love the videos, so helpful."

A third penned: "It's so simple. How did I not know this?"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Your hair tips have saved me and my flat hair."

A further added: "You literally save my life every day."

And one more chimed in: "I needed this tip! Thanks!"

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