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A BRIDE has sparked a heated debate after revealing her sister was excluded from her bachelorette party despite being the maid of honor.

The 24-year-old woman explained that her friends decided to plan a second bachelorette party after her sister, 25, hosted a spa day and meal that she didn’t enjoy. 

She asked for advice on Reddit after her sister was left furious that she wasn’t invited to the new celebration with the other bridesmaids.

The bride wrote: “This weekend we had my bachelorette party and we originally agreed that all ‘bridesmaids’ (my best friend (F25) and three close friends (M24-27) would organize it. 

“But I later found out that my sister excluded everyone else because ‘it should be the MOH [maid of honor] job’ and just showed up with a fully booked plan before the others could even start discussing ideas.

“The whole party was supposed to be a surprise but I expected that we'd be doing something that they know I'd enjoy. 

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“Unfortunately, my sister pulled up to a spa and planned to get our nails done, face masks, and stuff like that.

"Afterward, we had a private photoshoot with lots of dresses for me, I mean they were gorgeous but not something I'd ever feel comfortable in. 

“We ended it with a dinner at a fancy restaurant where she preordered dishes that had meat in them. I'm mostly vegan and she knows that.”

The woman, who is set to tie the knot next week, said she’s certain other brides would’ve liked the day but it wasn’t for her.

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She continued: "Hell, I'd plan one exactly like that for my sister or best friend but it's just not me.

"I told her that I hated it but I appreciate that she clearly put a lot of effort and money into the day. 

“The others knew I wouldn't like it so they planned another party yesterday and that one couldn't have been better (we had a medieval dinner at a castle and they booked a cinema where we played video games and drank cocktails the whole day!!)

"But we excluded my sister and now she's REALLY mad. 

“In fact, my whole family is mad at me for having a second one and not being grateful for the one my sister planned for me.”

The bride said she is considering repaying her sister for the first bachelorette but she refuses to apologize for upsetting her.

She said: “Shouldn't a bachelorette party be for the bride? And I was just honest when she asked me if I liked it!

“Even though I do feel like I'm being an ungrateful a**hole because she clearly put lots of effort into planning the day. So any thoughts?”

Many commenters accused the sister of focusing on herself when she planned the first party and called for her to be replaced as maid of honor.

One person insisted the bride wasn't in the wrong, telling her: "Your sister planned her own hen party. Also, it's not that hard to book a spa and a restaurant. 

“Barely much effort there at all and clearly no thought into what you as a person would want.

"I'd just tell the familym ‘Am I meant to be thankful that she clearly doesn't know me? Not respect my diet or my friends input?’

“I'd honestly also demote her from being MOH at the very least.”

Another agreed: "This is why I planned and mostly paid for my own hen do, I could do whatever I wanted and enjoy it without drama. 

“Axe throwing, pizza, beer, and board games with my friends is what I wanted and it's what I got.”

A third said she wasn't wrong because "your sister should no longer be in the bridal party. Count on wedding day drama if she is.”

Others accused the woman of behaving like a bridezilla and said it was “spiteful” to not include her sister in the second party.

One person wrote: "YTA [you are the a**hole]. Your sister doesn't sound like she did that to be malicious. So she got it wrong. 

“If she would like those things, then maybe she thought you would too. She got it wrong, but you handled it poorly. You could have had the day with your friends too. 

“You didn't have to tell your sister you hated something she put so much effort into. What have you achieved by that? Other than upsetting her unnecessarily.”

A second commented: “You could have handled this with a lot more grace. Your sister probably didn't realize how much you'd dislike it.

"She spent a lot of money. She invested a lot of time.

“I get it wasn't your thing. Wouldn't have been mine, either. But you should have accepted the gesture and been gracious.

"Instead, you acted like a preschooler who got a present she didn't like on her birthday.

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