Putin’s warmonger general calls for NUKES to be dropped on Ukraine after massive drone attack batters Russia | The Sun

A RUSSIAN general has called on Vladimir Putin to use a “perfect” chance to fire nuclear weapons at Ukraine – a move which would spark World War 3.

Pro-Kremlin MP and former general Andrey Gurulev suggested the dictator use the weapons to retaliate following Ukraine's wave of debilitating drone strikes deep inside of Russian territory.

After an 11-week period of intense fighting, Ukrainian troops recaptured the Ukrainian village of Robotyne, a major milestone on their journey to sever the land route between Crimea and Donetsk.

Gurulev, 55, was supported by leading Russian TV propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, 59, who suggested the village was the “perfect spot to use tactical nuclear weapons” after Kyiv's drone strikes.

Gurulev, a hard line warmonger, replied: “Perfect. They are all bunched up there, simply perfect. 

“Further, simply a perfect situation, because there is a complete absence of reserves of the enemy…”


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Gurulev said after attacking the village, they could move and "free" the Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro regions, before "encircling and destroying" Ukrainians in the Donetsk region.

Solovyov continued: “Most importantly it saves so many lives of our fighters, and solves all problems.

“This is a little bit delivering from evil that everything will be contaminated there, that everyone will die."

Solovyov suggested that using nuclear weapons is simply an "air nuclear explosion" with a "crystal clear affected zone".

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He said the damaging factors of the weapons are clear, but Russia has "knowledgeable scientists" that will help Russians avoid the nuclear fallout.

The threats made by Solovyov and Gurulev come the day after Putin suffered his worst bombardment since the beginning of the war as Ukraine unleashed a dramatic cross border attack.

Explosions erupted at the Pskov Airfield in western Russia as Kyiv allegedly targeted a fleet of the tyrant's warplanes overnight.

Thick plumes of smoke and fire rose into the air as at least four of Putin's prized aircraft were blasted in a spectacular show of force from Ukraine.

A Kremlin spokesperson chillingly warned the onslaught of aerial strikes "will not go unpunished".

Yet any tactical nuclear strike in Ukraine would likely lead to World War 3, as NATO nations would quickly intervene.

Nuclear-capable artillery guns have already been spotted in Ukraine, when they besieged Kharkiv in the beginning of the conflict.

The 2S7M howitzer can bombard their targets from 35 miles away and have massive barrels capable of firing laser guided 100kg eight inch shells.

But their most worrying aspect is their ability to be armed with nuclear ammo, including deadly 3BV2 nuke shells.

The shells have the destructive power of up to 1kt – which despite being small for a nuke is still horrific destructive power.

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It's not the first time Solovyov has gone on a ramble about nuclear war – in March, he warned Russia would launch an "immediate nuclear strike" on any country that detains Putin.

The Kremlin propagandist is known for his manic rants on TV against the West, with him also calling for London to be “turned to dust” after Ukraine said it would use British missiles.

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