I know how the ‘Karens’ want me to dress in the gym but I don’t care, I worked hard for my body and won’t hide it away | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has hit back at the haters who criticize her outfits.

In fact, she plans on continuing to rock her form-fitting clothes in the clothes in the gym — after working hard to earn her physique.

Tasha Braziliano (@tashabraziliano) filmed herself in various looks in a video on TikTok.

"How the Karens on Instagram commenting on my pump cover [on] TikTok want me to dress in the gym," read the text.

She wore beige and gray tie-dye sweat pants with an oversized black T-shirt while in the squat rack.

"Respectfully, kiss my a**," she added. "Reminder to wear whatever you want."

She donned a more revealing outfit — a blue matching set of shorts and a sports bra.

The teal-colored shorts by Aybl retail for $32.

She also wore a matching seamless sports bra by Aybl, retailing for $32.

"When did Instagram become such a toxic place?" she added in the caption.

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The video drew in many viewers with strong opinions on Tasha's gym style.

"Imagine hiding those gains," one wrote. "I need to see the inspiration please and thank you."

"I've only ever had one request towards people at the gym," another added. "Do what you want, dress how you want, [and] put the damn weights back."

"Probably just jealous," yet another wrote.

"Put a hoodie on please, bit indecent of you," one more wrote, later revealing they were joking by saying: "Don't worry, I’m not being serious.

"Everyone should be able to wear whatever the f**k they want."

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